Saturday Shelter

Today I got to spend time with the sweetest animals in town. Featured here in these two pictures is the short-tailed Border Collie, Mr. Hat. I’m unsure why they named him that. I got to walk him outside and play with him. The whole time I was in his enclosure, he was staring outside because he loves the outdoors. Each time I would lift my hand from petting him, he would tap me with his paw or nudge me to pet him again.

My heart goes out to these poor animals who have to live in a concrete cage until they are adopted. However, I must say that the Washington County Animal Shelter has it going on. They are a no-kill shelter and each week I come in, there are a new set of dogs (meaning they are adopted very quickly). They are in-doors and they have volunteers constantly checking for poop/pee in the enclosures and they keep a clean place with toys, blankets, food, and water for every dog and cat. Their staff is always so welcoming and nice, and they have a always refreshed, specific list of needs for their shelter. I haven’t been to many animal shelters but this one is the best I’ve been to. I don’t know if it is because of the funding or because of their money management, but I think every animal shelter should strive to be like them because I think that, for what it is, Washington County Animal Shelter provides the best possible homes for homeless dogs and cats. While it is still incredibly sad to see these pups who belong to a cushioned, spacious, back-yarded, loving home, they are being so well taken care of here at their temporary home. I am proud to be a volunteer at the Washington County Animal Shelter, but I would be a part of any shelter no matter how well-kept because every dog/cat deserves love, attention, and a good home.

Shelter dogs are the best dogs. Always adopt.

xx, Claire

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