Valentine’s Sunday

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I hope that wherever you are, that you feel loved today. Even if you gotta do this day alone. Buy yourself some donuts or a flower or a bouquet of flowers. In fact, buy someone else something for Valentine’s Day. Or you can just do a sweet gesture.

Pictured above are two gifts that I received in the mail from my Daddio. They were a complete surprise and such a sweet surprise. A bouquet of tulips with a wonderful vase to go with them, a box of chocolates, and a wall art that says “You stole my heart.” The top right picture is of me yesterday when a guy at Walmart was handing out free flowers and of COURSE I took one! I love the smell of flowers. They are so beautiful.

For some people Valentine’s Day is a lonely holiday for them. That might even be you. Valentine’s Day is not about tangible gifts. Valentine’s Day is not meant to be the only day that you are/feel loved. You are loved every day. The Lord wants to shower you in His love today, and every day. He wants you to feel more loved by Him than you’ve ever felt loved by anyone else, because that is how He feels. He loves you more than anyone else does. Imagine that. Imagine the person in your life that you love the MOST… Your children, your parents, your dog or cat, your siblings… The Lord’s enormous love for you does not even compare to that… He loves you way way way more than you love that most special person. What a crazy thought. His love is sweet, is peaceful, and is pursuing you so much today. Let the Lord romance you and love on you today. Go love on somebody else today too. And every other day.

A sweet word from the Lord that I am reminded of today is in the book of Psalms. I have actually drawn a heart out beside these verses in my Bible. Psalms 118:13-14 “I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation.” NIV Translation. Jesus is singing songs over you today. He knows what you are going through today and He is praying for you.

xx, Claire

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