The Body of Christ – Appreciating Your Part

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First off, I want to state that I am learning these things as well so what I will say in this blog is what I am learning and want to share with y’all because I think it will benefit and encourage you all too.

This post is relatable to both men and women, but I want to speak to the ladies first for a sec. Ladies, don’t aspire to be like me. Don’t aspire to be like Christine Caine. Don’t aspire to be like DawnChere Wilkerson. Don’t aspire to be like Lisa Bevere. (I totally didn’t mean to categorize myself with them but there is a point to this all) These are all such wonderful ladies and GREAT women of God that I would hope to be but the Lord is teaching me something else… He wants you to be YOU. He doesn’t want, nor does He need, another Christine Caine or another Lisa Bevere. He made only one of each of those women because He needed them to reach the people that they are destined to reach and have reached. He created me to be Claire Connell and that looks different from DawnChere Wilkerson. Now, fill in the blank for yourself. God created me to be ________________ and that looks different from ____________. While it may look similar, He created it to have differences. To reach different people. To live with a different rhythm.

I’m going to be vulnerable here for a second. There was a point, and I am still learning how to get past this, that I truly wanted to be just like someone else. She was exactly who I want to be like when I step into my ministry. There is nothing wrong with a role model but it goes too far when you start thinking that you aren’t good enough in the season you are in. That your part of the body at this moment is not as good and not as needed as hers.

Here’s a word for both men and women that the Lord has placed on my heart at the moment:

One thing I have learned through this is that comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing yourself to the great speakers of the Kingdom will distract you from the calling the Lord has placed in front of you. It is taking your eyes off of your path and stealing your trust from God. Wondering is not trusting. God created you to be you. You have your OWN style and talents. And the Lord wants you to use that to reach the people that I can’t reach. He wants you to use your brand and uniqueness to do what He created you to do. He’s not going to make two of us. Me and you and you and the speaker on stage are not the same because you weren’t meant to be the same. We can’t shape ourselves into something we weren’t meant to fit into. “You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.” Each body part of the body of Christ is equally represented and equally important. You may be the pinky of Christ’s body, but without you, the body couldn’t get a full grip on reaching others. There are those created to lead millions, those created to lead large groups, those created to lead small groups, and those created to lead one person. (Those also may be different seasons for you). The kingdom of God is one-soul minded. He would leave 99 just to rescue the one. So you may feel discouraged for reaching only one person, but that’s the Lord’s heart and your ministry is just as important as the one leading millions.

Right after Paul talks about spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12, he talks about Christ’s body made up of many parts. I encourage you to read the whole chapter (not long) but here is a snip-bit:

v. 18-19 NIV “But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be?”IMG_0244

xx, Claire

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