My Clinique Uses – Treat Your Skin Well

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My Clinique Uses

I have been using Clinique for as long as I can remember. My skin is so sensitive and when I started having to wash my face and take care of myself, my mom knew I needed Clinique because our skin is sensitive alike and she knows what works for us. 

Clinique is easily my favorite and I love getting to use what works great for my skin and beauty. I am not an expert on Clinique but I do use a lot of their products that I have found very useful and successful on me!

How is this of use to you? If you have one of the following issues and are still searching, keep reading 🙂 : sensitive skin, redness, trouble with breaking out from foundation, oily skin, dry skin, acne, worried about sunburns on your face & want to cover up the red, or you just want some good lipstick!

Starting from the left going right:

  1. Redness solutions daily relief cream – this is a miracle worker for me. Ever since I was born, my cheeks have been so naturally rosy and some days are worse than others. It’s not severe enough to call it eczema, but this cream works for that too. I would suggest combining it with #8, and you’ll see why here in a bit. This cream is a green color which always cancels red and you can use it even if your face is just irritated from something. It will calm the redness and make it less visible. This is always the first thing I put on before I put on my make-up. If you want to start using it, apply it before you put on any foundation or primer.
  2. Liquid facial soap – this face wash comes in many different formulas. If your face tends to be oily, dry, or in between, Clinique had just the combination for you! I can use either the oily skin formula or the mild formula. The oily skin formula is much stronger, so use that only if your skin is oily. I apply my face wash day and night. I use the face wash as part of a 3-step use. #5 and #7 are what I use after washing my face.
  3. A Different Grape lipstick – I have more than just this lipstick that I love but this color is one of my weekly favorites. It goes on so smoothly and looks great!
  4. Acne Solutions emergency gel-lotion – this works so well for me. Ladies if you ever have a surprise breakout, using this will help chase it away. It may dry that area of your skin a little too, but nothing a facial lotion couldn’t fix.
  5. Clarifying lotion 3 – this isn’t actually lotion, it’s an exfoliator. I use this as a number 2 after my face wash, using it twice a day. It gets any remaining dirt and oil off and makes your skin look cleaner and more refined so that your skin is ready to be moisturized on a clean surface. There are other exfoliators that Clinique sells that are specific to your skin type, so check it out 🙂
  6. Acne Solutions liquid makeup – I started using this ever since I started wearing makeup and it works so well for me! I use a primer underneath and it helps to cover up imperfections, while resisting to make your skin oily and creating a breakout. It lasts a LONG time! I use it with a foundation brush, concentrating more on my red cheeks to make them look less red.
  7. Dramatically Different moisturizing gel – I use this as my step 3 to cleansing my face! This is great as a moisturizer for any dry parts of your skin even if you didn’t just wash your face. You need a moisturizer even if you have oily skin because after you wash and exfoliate your skin, you need to put on a healthy moisturizer so that your skin doesn’t create one for you (oil).
  8. Redness Solutions daily protective base broad spectrum SPF 15 – This stuff is fantastic! I use this after using the daily relief cream and this does the best job. It’s a base to protect any make up from re-irritating your skin and it works as a double-duty job after using the redness solutions daily relief cream. It also has SPF, so if you get a sunburn on your face and don’t like using other facial sunscreens, use this! It both covers the red, and prevents any further burning! Like it never happened. Even if you want to protect your face from getting a sunburn, you can use this. It’s tough to find a facial sunscreen that doesn’t break your skin out, and even tougher to find something to cancel that burn red, while protecting it from further burning. My skin is sensitive, like I mentioned above and this has been great to me!

I hope that any of you who are having trouble finding products that take good care of your skin will find this blog beneficial! If you have any questions at all, simple or complicated, about these, ask! I will give an honest answer. I’m not here to sell Clinique or anything else, I’m here to help! I want you to feel great about the products you use 🙂

Happy March, loves! Be the joy in your sphere of influence today.

xx, Claire

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