Rain or Shine – not gonna take this joy of mine

Yo! Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope you are all out to a great start for your Wednesday. I know my Louisiana folks are glad to be out of school but bummed their backyard is a dirty swimming pool! It’s raining in Fayetteville all week too, and this weekend I’m traveling! So prayerfully everything goes smoothly – I know He’s got my back though!

I just wanted to upload this blog post announcing that I have just received this “Living Proofshampoo, conditioner, and overnight perfector in the mail today! I have wanted to try a new shampoo that is healthier for my hair and I read a few blogs and watched a few videos on Living Proof products. Jennifer Aniston uses this brand! For some of us, that is all we need to hear. I ordered the tiny 2 ounces to start out with ($20 later). They also threw in a free sample of this night cap overnight perfector! I’m super excited to try these products. Apparently their products (and I hear especially their dry shampoo) take so good care of your hair that even Jennifer Aniston has gone days without washing her hair! Crazy stuff, I’m ready to try it out. I am not sure how far 2 ounces will get me, though. I honestly don’t know if this is enough for me to start seeing a change in my hair or not but I am going for it! I can’t wait to tell you all the details of how this shampoo/conditioner works for me. I hope it works really well. The downside of it, though, is if I do fall in love with this product, it will be an expensive buy for me to keep up with my hair. But, if I’m only using it every other day or so, maybe it won’t seem too bad. I am starting tomorrow, so as soon as I start to see a difference, I will update y’all! 

Go check Living Proof out and maybe you can try this product with me! Everyone gets a free gift with their first order. Free shipping and free returns. I included the link above. They have all the info about their products and it’s really neat. Also, check out this interview by another blogger (Sazan Hendrix) who met Jennifer and got to interview her about her hair secrets and how she uses Living Proof. 

Also (again), if any of you have used/use Living Proof products, please comment below and tell me how you like/dislike them! I would love to know and I would love for my readers to know!

Recently, I am learning to trust the Lord and not try to figure everything out myself. Isaiah 40:31. Just sit back, RELAX, and let the Lord do the work for you and in you. Seriously, joy is ours. Peace is ours. Victory is ours. Already. Enjoy it – enjoy the ride cause He’s got the wheel! We all have times where we try to take the wheel ourselves. I’m learning to jump to the backseat, throw my hands up, and enjoy the ride.

xx, Claire

One thought on “Rain or Shine – not gonna take this joy of mine

  1. Jon Kresham says:

    I think that although all of these points are wonderful, people do realize these things when watching the movie. I think people just hate the flick because Tom doesn’t end up with Summer and because they empathize with Tom in a situation that’s not exactly his ideal. But most that I’ve seen the movie with do acknowledge the film for its artistic qualities and such.


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