Happy Birthday Anna!

Today is my baby sister’s birthday! 

My little sister is SO special to me. Anna and I have been through everything together. Emphasis on everything and emphasis on together because we have been through everything, but we have been through it together. Anna and I have literally been inseparable (by choice sometimes and sometimes not by choice) since she was born. Funny story though, when she was born, apparently I asked Mom and Dad if we could take her back to the hospital and get another one. I guess I didn’t like the screaming of a baby. I had never experienced it before. She was so special, in her own way. She was also indestructible. When she would get mad, she would bang her head on the ground. Didn’t matter where she was – concrete, not an issue to her. Little Anna would have bruises on her head and we have pictures and videos of her sucking her pacifier but so mad for some reason, hitting her head on a table. I guess it didn’t hurt her! 

Anna and I are best friends forever. I have learned lately that your sisters are your bestest of friends. I have the BEST sisters in the world. Being both a big sister and a little sister is really special but also kinda weird. Middle child syndrome is real. Little Anna Banana has always been someone I can count on. We always played together, until we got on each other’s nerves then we would be mad for a little bit until one of us walked in each other’s rooms and said, “Do you wanna play again?” 

I remember and have read back on some journals I wrote and would talk about things Anna did that I thought were weird. Like how when she would shower and dropped something, she said “I’m okay!” really loud so that we would all know that she was fine and it was just the soap. 

One of my favorite memories of us is we would do something really fun (all the time, duh) where when each of us were getting ready to go to bed and when we were in the shower, the other one would make their bed and put a little surprise on their bed. A lot of times it would be a journal, pen, bag, game, stuffed animals, and other things. Anna and I had a great relationship with each other but we also had a great relationship with our stuffed animals. They were so real and had real feelings. They would also be our students when we would play school.

Now I would like to share a short gallery of photos of my little sis. 


This photo could not be more accurate of each other. I vividly remember she wanting to dress like me and Madi. I hated it but she LOVED it. Now we borrow each other’s clothes.


The quality of this picture isn’t great, but I love how funny she looks here! I love looking back at photos and videos of us when we were younger cause it is so funny! Thank you Mom and Dad for always keeping a record of us.


Here is a really great picture of her on snapchat. She always makes the greatest faces. She’s hilarious.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

But look how beautiful she is! She’s a little lady! I cannot believe how mature she is and how mature she looks! She is holding her ever-so-beloved pup, Oliver who is so pitiful, but only because Anna loves him SO much. I love their bond. They’re best friends.


Here is us together when she came to visit me in Fayetteville and it was her first time to come to an Arkansas football game with me as a student. We’re pretty much dressed the same. Yep, that’s my hat and necklace on her.IMG_7139

Here she is again in the same setting. We got box seats because it was raining! So thankful we could still be there!


Here is Anna in Kansas City this past winter when KC got their first snow and we had a BLAST! She is so naturally beautiful. Plus she has some rad swag. She can pull off any look.


Here we are Thanksgiving break in LA taking cute pics like we always do when we all get together. I loved this time. Spending time with my family is so important and quite an event.


WOAH we climbed a mountain?! This is us on top of Pinnacle Mountain after nearly having an asthma attack (scary). I love having adventures with her. We’ve traveled nearly the entire U.S. together.


This is us the second or third time I came back to LA after being in AR for college. It was the hardest thing for the both of us to have to move away but I know we still have the same strong bond and I know it is making her stronger! Like I said above, we have literally been through everything together and we would feel empty after not seeing each other for a day or two. How could we go weeks or months? That is hard stuff. I am so thankful for FaceTime and calls and texts and snapchats though to keep up with her. Geographical distance doesn’t stop us. 


You’re the best little sister anyone could ask for. Have the best day ever.

xx, Claire

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Anna!

  1. Aunt Carlene says:

    Sisters are a blessing! Your first true, always and forever friend. Love you girls and love how much you mean to each other! Xoxox


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