Old Navy Outfits

Hi everyone! I hope your Tuesday is going really well.

I just wanted to share a few things I bought this weekend from Old Navy. I was able to buy an entire outfit and then some. I bought everything on sale! If you were looking for new spring clothes, go to Old Navy cause there’s some great stuff there right now! Just some outfit ideas for you guys 🙂

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To break it down…

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I got these cool straight, mid-rise, crop jeans which actually fit really well and they look great with heels! Wore them Sunday to church with heels and the sweater you’ll see here in a sec. These are $19 right now!

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I bought this skirt for Easter Sunday. They have a great selection of skirts right now and they are perfect for spring and perfect for Easter! All skirts and shorts starting at $15.

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This is the sweater I wore Sunday to church. It’s a fantastic sweater to wear with a long shirt underneath and that’s exactly what I did. They have this off-white color and a navy color. I plan to wear this sweater with a ton of different things. It would look great over a dress, over long shirts, by itself with a tank top…etc. Tons of ways to dress it up and look great! Now $13.

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These flats are super cute and great for spring! They would also look great with the jeans I got too. They are $24 and only the black color is available online now. Fit great and look great!

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I also got free flip flops (on sale now for $2.50) with everything I purchased, which was cool and I get to use them as shower shoes (lol). These sunglasses are awesome and look GREAT on. Also, they have a FAB selection of jewelry that would look great on the beach. For example, these bracelets I bought. They have tons of other bracelets, necklaces, and rings that you would love. I love them. 

Do not forget about the Super Cash! In-store and online until Monday the 28th, you get super cash from Old Navy that you can spend between April 7 and April 14. Details are here – check it out!

Also if you plan on shopping online today or tomorrow, use this code to get 25% off any amount, 30% off $75, or 40% off $100: SAVEMORE

So I hope this helps you all and gives you some tips on what to buy and how to wear it. Go buy the same things I bought if you want! Old Navy is the best.

Happy Tuesday, Happy Shopping, and I will have an update about the Living Proof products here soon enough 🙂

xx, Claire



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