Afternoon Bliss PTL

PTL = Praise the Lord

Confession: I don’t really like coffee pictures… But hey, at least I didn’t use the P5 VSCO filter for it.

Hi loves, happy Wednesday. I just want to share something I learned within a span of like 30 minutes and I think will encourage you all. It’s not very long, check it out x

VSCO Cam-1IMG_1026

Story: So today I woke up at noon feeling like it was 9 AM, oops. I realized I was hungry and I had better get up soon or I’ll waste the day, even though I felt like I already had. “Man, I want some EGGS,” I thought, hoping there were eggs in the fridge. (I think I say that every morning) Well, not only were there eggs in the fridge but there was Dad’s specialty coffee, CoffeeMate hazelnut creamer, and “Kitchen Spice” candle waiting for me to light it. Like we all do, I smelled the candle to make sure it still smelled good (why would it ever change?) and yes LORD it did. I put on some Jack Johnson and made my eggs with salt, pepper, and Tony’s (that’s that Louisiana in me). Oh boy, it was pure BLISS. 

How can I learn anything from that? Even though I woke up in the afternoon, I had a great morning. Because of Jesus. In James 1:17 He says all good things come from Him. Yes, that means the candle, the coffee, the eggs, the Tony’s, the hazelnut creamer, the Jack Johnson music. Anything we can find joy in, comes from Him. That’s His joy that He is allowing us to have, and it makes us say nothing other than, “Thank you Lord, You’re too good to me.” Not meaning we find our joy in things and make idols, not at all. It just means Jesus is in your every day life. When you take the first sip of your coffee and smile, that’s His joy inside of you. We wouldn’t be able to be joyful if it weren’t for Him.

I also began to think, why can’t all mornings/afternoons be this bliss? It’s all a matter of choice. Once you begin to appreciate the little things, you’ll find life more enjoyable. It’s all up to us to make the day joyful. I could’ve been very negative if there weren’t any eggs in the fridge, but it’s up to me to say, “I have this amazing coffee, creamer, and I’m gonna light this candle and seize the day.” 

So with all that said, light your candle and seize the day! The day is YOURS. Find Jesus in the little things and thank Him for that. Decide that today is going to be a great day no matter what it seems to look like. Discover what “the little things” are to you and let that give you a fantastic day.

xx, Claire

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