Easter Sunday in Fayetteville

Happy Easter everyone! 

I went to my Easter service last night, luckily, so I could spend today traveling back to Fay and spending a little time with my sister. Here’s what I wore (with my good friend Lindsay) :

VSCO Cam-1-2.jpg

My top is from Forever 21, as well as my heels and necklace. The skirt is from Old Navy.

Lindsay got her outfit from two local boutiques in Monroe/West Monroe, Rustico and Cara’s.

So in Fayetteville today it is in the 40’s and chilly. But don’t let the sad weather make you sad! I’m not wearing my “Easter outfit” today but I am still staying cute and warm!


Photo credit: my little sis Anna, camera credit: Daddio. 

I love this outfit. The turtleneck is from Forever 21, the overalls from Gap, and of course the New Balances speak for themselves. Sunnies are RayBans. You can definitely stay warm in overalls by wearing a sweater underneath and close-toed shoes. It’s both casual and cute.

Easter reminds us that Jesus knew on the other side of the cross there would be an empty grave, so that we could say the same for our lives. On the other side of our trials are victories. In fact, we are victorious already because Christ rose victorious. 

I hope you all are having a fabulous Easter and that you can spend it with your family. I know us YOU of A kids are having to travel today so it may not be too fun for us but the day is all what you make it! 

xx, Claire

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