In Need of Beauty Suggestions

Hey everyone, 

This is just a really short blog post. I’m not going to try to make it look super cute nor am I going to try too hard to promote it on social media. I just want to hear from anyone who has a good suggestion on something for me. 

So I am up late at night (1:26AM) searching for a good night cream / something that will target fine lines and wrinkles. Also I am still young and don’t have any wrinkles but have scars and I want to post-pone my wrinkle times as much as I can. I need suggestions! I have looked into Clarins Multi-Active night cream but I saw bad reviews for people with sensitive skin (like me). I am also about to try the Clinique Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer included in the Macy’s Clinique bonus (yes! I cannot wait to make a blog post about this bonus soon). So please, share all your opinions on things like this! I would love to know what y’all use and what y’all like. No matter the price of the product or if it is a home remedy – I am exploring all possible options! Also, (attention bloggers) any blogger who comments a really good suggestion and I end up trying and loving it, I will give a special shoutout to your blog when I make a blog post about the night cream (or whatever) I end up liking. I will shoutout your blog also in my social media caption when I share the post on social media. If you are not a blogger, I will still give you these special shoutouts and if you have any social media account, I will tag you! I love love love feedback and this is definitely a great opportunity for you all!

Also, please feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks so much loves, I’m really looking forward to seeing your comments. 

xx, Claire

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