MORE Living Proof – Featuring NEW Split End Mender

Hey guys! So sorry I’ve been so MIA lately I just had 2 huge tests yesterday and that has been absorbing so much of my time lately, but now I’m ready to get back in the flow! College makes it that much more difficult for a blogger.

So, yesterday I received my recent Living Proof purchase in the mail. YAY! I seriously got chills when I opened the box. I am so excited about all the stuff I got and more excited that I get to share my experiences with these products right here on the blog with y’all!

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Products include (all are Living Proof) :

Perfect Hair Day fresh cut split end mender – this stuff is about to be my life. Watch this video on YouTube to get a jist of what it is and what it can do. You just simply apply to your ends. In the video, she put a lot in. You don’t have to put that much in your hair unless you want to. It doesn’t only repair, but heals your ends, in seconds! Therefore, it will make your hair grow longer too! So those of you who want your hair to be longer, wait no more! Get the split end mender (only $24 for a great size plus a free style extender with code below) to heal your hair and make it grow quick. This stuff is a whole lot bigger than I thought it would be, so to help you get an idea of size, here is a picture of me holding it next to my head. It’s nearly the size of my head! Going to last me a long time 🙂 and I get to share it with others!

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Prime Style Extender – This stuff I got for free with a code from Ipsy (mentioned below). It helps your style to last longer. Whether you curl, straighten, or leave your hair natural, this stuff will work to keep any style to last 2 times longer! It also perfects and smooths while repelling dirt and oil. Helps you to save time and forget the touch ups!

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And 10 relatively-good-sized Samples:

These samples were much bigger than I thought they would be! Here’s a pic of one next to my face to get an idea of what size it really is. They’re .33 oz.

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It’s kind of a bummer that I am posting about these samples when they aren’t available anymore! However, if you spend $39 or more on Living Proof’s website, you’ll get a free travel sized (1.9 oz) full thickening mousse (a $15 value), no code needed. ALSO, thanks to Ipsy, with a Living Proof purchase of $22 or more, you can get a FREE 2 oz prime style extender (a $12 value) with the code IPSY. 23 days left of this awesome offer! Save up to $27 by spending $39 online.

4 Perfect Hair Day products:

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Shampoo, conditioner – I have already used this stuff and I love it. I don’t currently have the money to buy a full-sized shampoo but I still have a little conditioner left and I have noticed that this shampoo makes my hair last SO much longer, my Suave shampoo doesn’t keep my hair cleaner longer quite like Living Proof does, so I was really excited to get another Living Proof shampooing in! I highly suggest these. The 2 oz last me a while so it’s money well spent, for sure!

5-in-1 styling treatment – I have heard many good things about this. It is an all-in-one styler. It smooths, volumizes, conditions, strengthens, and polishes your hair (those are the 5). Great for a perfect hair day! I’m so excited to try this.

Night cap overnight perfector – I have two of these and I am in love with it. Last month, Ulta and Living Proof’s website were giving them as a free gift with purchase, so I ended up with two! Now I have another in a sample size. This stuff is perfect for every night regardless of whether or not you plan on washing your hair the next day or not. It helps your hair, over night, to get softer and easier to style. I seriously pet my hair like a cat (or dog) every night when I put this stuff in.

2 Restore products:

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Mask treatment – OMG. I used this stuff today and I have never felt my hair so soft! You put it in for only 5 minutes 1-2 times a week. My hair feels fabulous, to say the least. I’m ready to see how it restores my hair. Because I used this mask, I didn’t put any further products in my wet hair after rinsing just because I think when you use the mask, it is supposed to serve the same purposes as a styler or something else. I am most certainly considering buying this in the full size, but, again, I have to consider my budget.

Instant repair – I have this stuff already and I normally put this in after washing my hair and I love it. Makes my hair soft and 15 times stronger. I have already seen progress in the healing of my hair. This stuff prevents up to 93% of new split ends! (Yes please) I also like to add a little more after styling to add shine and additional softness.

And 4 others:

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Timeless pre-shampoo treatment – I think I’m going to give this stuff to my mom because I don’t have color in my hair nor is my hair aging just yet. It is a first defense treatment against aging, strengthens, fortifies and smoothes your hair, while protecting and enhancing color, before you even get out of the shower! This is formulated specifically for color-treated hair.

Prime style extender – I already mentioned about this above ^ 🙂

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No frizz nourishing style cream – I’m definitely going to wait until I’m back in Louisiana to try this out because this stuff actually blocks humidity, which is Louisiana 100% of the time. This also helps to keep your hair cleaner, longer!

Full thickening cream – Who wants fuller, thicker hair? (insert girl emoji raising her hand here) This stuff helps to add long-lasting thickness and volume for full styles.

After trying all of these products, I will be sure to let y’all know how I like or don’t like them! I’m kind of falling in love with Living Proof so I have high hopes. I’m not for sure that these sample sizes are enough for me to start seeing a difference but I will try my best!

I hope you are all having a great Thursday! My weekend started today and that’s the best thing! Be sure to check back tomorrow to learn about my new Clinique Bonus bag from Macy’s! Super excited to share this with y’all. Feel free to comment any questions about anything I mentioned 🙂

xx, Claire

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