Best Dry Shampoo – Living Proof

Happy Monday! 🙂

I am just realizing that it has been 6 days since my last blog post… What is up with that? I thought I would receive one of my beauty subscription boxes in the mail sometime last week and I would then post them on the blog but that hasn’t happened yet. But what DID happen is I found the best dry shampoo in the world!

The best thing ever is finding a product line you really really love and just falling more in love with it. That is what happened to me with Living Proof. This stuff is the best thing that has happened to my hair! One of their most kind social media strategists, Alana, sent me a dry shampoo bottle that I have been dying to try! I was so excited to try it and I hugged it like it was my best friend.

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Can you hear the ocean? Of course not! This thing is full of Living proof 😉

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This is seriously my hair after two days of not washing it. Can you tell? Nah.

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I also sent Living Proof a snapchat (add them: @livingproofinc) and didn’t think they would even open it and they screenshotted it! So be sure to add them and tell them how you are loving their products.

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So what is this stuff all about? What is all the fuss going on about the newest best dry shampoo? How long can you really go?

Allow me to share my experience with you all and explain exactly why Living Proof has the best dry shampoo out there. Their dry shampoo actually cleans your hair. It doesn’t just cover up the oil and sweat, it cleans your hair and eliminates oil, sweat, & odor. You may ask, “Well how does it clean your hair without shampooing?” The fast-acting powders that come in this can soak up not only oil, but also sweat and odor. Their patented molecule allows for easy removal so that your hair looks, feels, and smells cleaner. Oh, and also, Jennifer Aniston uses this stuff. Actually, she uses Living Proof products in general for her hair that we all want.

Save time so you can do more with your day! Use Living Proof dry shampoo.

A lot of our main concerns with typical dry shampoos is that the smell is awful, the powder doesn’t fully come out, and it leaves your hair feeling super heavy. Well Living Proof’s dry shampoo actually smells really good, doesn’t leave a nasty powder in your hair, all while still making your hair feel flowy and clean!

I tested to see how long I could go and normally I will wash my hair every other day when I use the Living Proof perfect hair day shampoo because it makes it feel super clean even the day after washing. By the second day, it starts to weigh a little heavily on my hair, so that is the perfect time to use your dry shampoo. I could last up to day three. THREE days without washing my hair…what? 

Now I will admit that on day three I did wash my hair because I was getting dry skin particles coming out of my hair (this is a problem I have had for a while). When I don’t wash my hair for a long time, even if I use dry shampoo and I am able to get the oil out of my hair, my dry skin still likes to see the world.

What is the best way to use this dry shampoo?

1. Split your hair into smaller sections so you can “cover all bases” and spray 6-10″ away from your hair in a sweeping motion. Don’t touch anything until you are completely done spraying!

2. Wait about 30 seconds to let it all soak up the oil, sweat, and odor. Enjoy the smell while you’re at it. Sip your coffee.

3. Massage your hair and brush through it to get all that oil and sweat right out!

4. Enjoy your extra time, snapchat about it, and tell people that, yes, you washed your hair today 😉

Trial size (1.8 oz) is $12 wherever you purchase it. Full size (4 oz & the one I have) is $22 wherever you purchase it. However, if you purchase on Living Proof’s website, and enter the code IPSY at checkout, you will receive a free style extender which I LOVE. Heck yes! And don’t forget that with your first purchase on their website, they send you a free gift 🙂

Feel free to comment any questions and let me know what your favorite dry shampoo is 🙂

xx, Claire

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