May 25, 2016

The more I find myself, the more I find God. 

Genesis 1:27 “so God created man in His own image.” 

Today I began to wonder why I felt so much closer to God as I was reading this women empowerment book. I was feeling so strong about who God created me to be. I began to wonder if it was selfish to feel this way. But I pointed everything to God. To His glory. To His kingdom. 

I could feel my faith increasing and my spirit stirring inside of me. I felt that through the words I was reading, God was declaring His purpose over me. And that excites me!! The more I was discovering who God was/is calling me to be, the more intimate I felt our relationship was. 

Does this mean at other times God and I are less intimate? Does this mean that we are not as close? Does this mean that He’s not working as much? 


It was only my realization and change of perspective. Realizing how truly close the Holy Spirit is at all times. And how close God truly is. And how His spirit has always been stirring boldness and empowerment me. And I’m gonna let Him bring it out.

This is only part of my journal excerpt from today. I believe that God gave me the motivation to write my personal experiences in order to share it with others, so the excerpt I give you, world. 

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