Late Night Drive

I took an hour & a half drive tonight just to rest with the Lord.

As I was driving, I was listening to a good song but I kept going through my music just to find another song… I had a good song playing but I could not enjoy the current song because I was flipping through, looking for other songs. The Lord spoke this to me: I am looking for another way instead of just enjoying the way I already have. Instead of enjoying what He has already given me. Instead of enjoying His way. Instead of enjoying what He is doing already.

We miss out on enjoying what He is doing currently because we are so busy looking in the world for more tangible answers.

When we say, “Take me to deeper places, God; send me, Lord” we are literally inviting Him to bring us to our fears in order for Him to conquer them. In order for His strength and power to shine through our weakness. Our weakness / fear is the very thing He’s calling us to address and let His spirit conquer. Whatever light avoids, darkness invades. If we don’t let His light burst through our dark, fearful places, darkness will keep flooding through.

We as believers get to rest in knowing that however many times we say, “but Lord I’m scared” He says, “It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

He says, “If only you could see it through my eyes.” I imagine our situation would seem small, then, compared to His love for us.

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