Cool Casual Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, Lovies! I hope your Wednesday has been/is good! You are halfway through the week. 

Any Big Brother fans out there?! Who’s ready for the first episode tonight?! Big Brother is the best part of my starting school every year. I’m glad their summer is longer than mine cause I’m struggling when school starts and BB always makes me feel better. 

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Today I’m being casual/cool/cute. I have an oversized Gap tee underneath my Old Navy half-length sweater and I’m loving it! The shorts I’m wearing are from Papaya and they are great! They are high-waisted. These kicks I got from the Nike outlet for 60% off – WHAT?! How tight is that. I love this outfit because it’s kind of dressed up at the top but then says, “I’m still cool” at the bottom.

Today has been great for me because I started the day at 5am. I gathered with other ladies this morning for prayer and community. I ate Chick-fil-A for breakfast after, went to one of my awesome jobs, went to a successful appointment, and cleaned my car! Hallelujah it needed it SO bad. $27 but so worth it. I hope today for you is a day that you are able to get some things checked off your to-do list or at least you can find peace with taking it easy and having a regular day.

Hope y’all can have a great Wednesday! 

xx, Claire

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