Day Off

Hi loves!

For me, it’s been Fall Break. I’ve gotten to spend it in Fayetteville, my new home. A bunch of college students went home so it’s been nice for it to not be too busy in town this weekend. I decided to go to Bentonville on my last day off just for fun because it’s in my backyard and it’s so adorable. My friends and I stumbled upon the sweetest boutique, Elysian. They have trendy, original pieces that have great prices! Allow me to share..

I bought a thick velvet choker for only $12. A jean frayed dress. A super comfy trench coat-type for only around $50. I also bought a thick buckle for only $18. This boutique is super special and y’all should check out their InstagramΒ and order from them.

Anyway, here’s a couple of ways you can style the type of stuff I bought πŸ™‚

I think these are a perfect way to transition into fall.

Heels are from Riff Raff. Pic creds to my awesome roomie Kristen.

You can wear it slouched on your arms, hanging over your shoulders, or just go without the coat and wear the jean dress by itself!

Thanks for tuning in. I hope y’all are enjoying the transition to fall. Fayetteville in the fall is always so lovely. Have a great week! You’re going to kill it.

xx, Claire

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