White for Winter

Hi everyone!

This weekend was one to remember for me. I hope it was for you too!

I wanted to give y’all the deets on my outfit from Saturday 🙂

Winter is on its way! Have you made your Winter playlist? Have you gotten your buy one get one free Starbucks beverage? Have you brought out your fur coats? Have you put back your whites?

Don’t put back your whites quite yet! Whites are a color of this Winter 2016. I think more and more people are forgetting the whole “no white after labor day” rule and doing what they want, what they feel! Which I am SO down for. I’ve been doing that way for some time. I’m gonna be me at any time of year! So Saturday I wore my super light grey-nearly white jeans to the Farmer’s Market. I enjoyed the day with some of my lovely sisters and we took the morning at the farmer’s market and ate at the Little Bread Co for brunch. We then tripped out to the Promenade in Rogers and shopped a little, where I bought amazing items at Forever 21, of course (Yes, I have the credit card).


We finished the day cheering on the Razorbacks at our last home game of the season! Great weekend. Here are some more pictures:

Full outfit deets:

Top & boots from Forever 21. I absolutely love open backs, especially pairing them with a fun bralette.

Bralette from a local boutique, Riffraff. They’ve got a BUNCH right now, so get some.

Jeans from Old Navy, best.

Choker from a local boutique, Bayou Gypsy. They have AMAZING stuff in right now, especially their chokers. Check out their Instagram @bayougypsy and their website BayouGypsy.com 

I absolutely love the colors I was wearing. My favorite colors are pink, white, and grey. Any way that I can mix those just makes my heart burst. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous week! It’s Monday and it is a great day to START GREAT. I believe in you! If no one else says that to you this week, I do.

xx, Claire

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