Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, y’all! 

I truly hope your Christmases were joyful and your New Year’s celebrations are fun!

For Christmas, I went to 2 Candlelight services with my church, New Life Church. The first one I attended was at home in Fayetteville and my friends did such an amazing job putting on a fun service. It was a special time to remember! 

The second Candlelight service I attended was at the Little Rock campus and I went with my sissy Madi and it was HUGE and very entertaining!! NLC has such talented people and really shows excellence with what they’ve got! I’m proud to be a part.

Half of Christmas Eve I spent in Hot Springs with my grandparents while my grandpa spent his last day in rehab (thank you God) and the other half of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was spent in Louisiana with my close family. I got amazing gifts and I love getting gifts. I think it’s so strange that on one day of the year, you are just flooded with new stuff. It’s really great. But I can’t help not to think of and pray for so many people who don’t have a good Christmas because of horrible past Christmas experiences or a bad family situation. I’m thankful for what I have and I’m thankful for what I don’t have because God is good.

Anyway, I TOTALLY LOVED MY OUTFIT. I went shopping with my roomie the day before and found gorgeous items. I was shocked with how easily and quickly I found items that looked to beautiful together. I already owned the heels and knew I would be wearing them (regardless of the weather). I first found the top and probably had the first moment ever like this: I knew when I saw it that it was the one. Even before I tried it on. It is a metallic light pink – rose gold. I knew it was perfect and trying it on made it even better. So I found a beautiful skirt to go with it, which happened to be in a random spot in Forever 21 and I glanced and said, “eh, I’ll try it on.” When I tried it on, I loved it. And knew I needed a choker to match. As I stood in the checkout line, a sweet lady in front of me held this sparkly choker and I asked where she found it and I grabbed it to add to my outfit. Perfect timing.

  • Top from Francesca’s
  • Skirt and choker from Forever 21
  • Clear heels from Boohoo

This is my beautiful friend Karli. I loved her outfit. She wore 2 chokers, green and red. How cool. Her top is from a local boutique called Trinkets. She sang at the Candlelight service in Fayetteville and KILLED it, like always.

This is my beautiful roomie and bestie (PTL), Kristen. How great does she look?! We got to shop together and pick out outfits, like I said. Her heels and skirt are from Francesca’s, top from Forever 21, and her necklace from her mom! Kristen also sang at the Fayetteville Candlelight service and crushed it.

Big sis and me for big kisses in front of the big Christmas tree at the NLC Greater Little Rock campus. Here I am wearing my coat from Boohoo, top from Forever 21, and choker from Forever 21. Mads is wearing my red choker from Bayou Gypsy, velvet dress from Forever 21, and leather jacket from Topshop. She’s so cool.

I hope you all have a very happy New Year’s celebration and rock whatever outfit you wear!! I love times for sparkles and metallics and fun colors. Don’t stress yourself out on your resolutions. Who says you need to wait for a new year to set a goal for yourself? Start now! Just start. Just do it. Yes, that is Nike’s motto but when you think about it, literally all you have to do is do it or you’ll never get it done.

xx, Claire

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