If You Love It, You Can Work It

Happy Try-day Friday everyone!

What’s Try-day Friday, you might ask? Well, read along to find out!

I was recently introduced to an incredible business called Dia&Co. Dia&Co., if you haven’t heard of them already, is a curated shopping experience delivered right to your doorstep, exclusively for sizes 14+! They style an outfit specifically to you, send it to you, you get to try it on in your own home, and you purchase what you want to keep! No more searching for the right size or right style, Dia&Co. does it for you! They inspire confidence in all of their shoppers.

For most of us, it can be very difficult to try new items of clothing because we know 1) everyone will see it, 2) everyone will know it’s a piece that is out-of-the-ordinary & 3) someone will say something about it. What kinds of things would they think or say?

Come on, how many times have we been in a store and said, “Oooooh this is so cute but I could never pull it off”? How many times have we thought, “What if my best friend or co-worker thinks I can’t rock this new camo jacket or these new red stiletto heels?” I think we forget the most important question is for us to ask ourselves,

“How does this item make me feel?”

When it comes to expressing ourselves through fashion or style, the only person it concerns is me. Yes, I am allowing you to be selfish through your style! Love yourself. Love your style. 

Dia&Co. challenged me to face my fashion fears and go for my own look in confidence! At Dia&Co they celebrate “try-day Friday” every Friday where they challenge themselves to step out of the ordinary and try a new style they’ve always wanted to try! This Friday, I’m participating.

I chose to wear my (what I call) go-go heels. I bought these heels on sale at Steve Madden’s website. I remember thinking to myself when I bought them, “I need to step out of the box and purchase something wild.” I chose to polish my toenails red to really make those heels pop. I was nervous to wear these and almost convinced myself to sell them to a consignment because I thought I couldn’t pull them off. But then I reminded myself,

“Claire, if you can put it on, you can pull it off.”

And I went for it. I even paired them with overalls. 


So take a look at the items in your closet that you haven’t worn because of fear. That bomber jacket, that embroidered jean, that leather legging, those stiletto heels. Take it out, put it on, and wear it out. Go for it! If you go for it just once, the rest of the times you try other styles will be that much easier. I promise. That’s what happened with me.

I hope you all have a fabulous Try-day Friday. Be sure to check out Dia&Co. if you are sizes 14+ and are interested in letting someone style your wardrobe for you, picking what is best for you! Let me know in the comments below what styles you try yourself!! 

xx, Claire

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