A Monday in California

AAAHHHH I am still freaking out that I went to California this week. I was so blessed to get to go to San Francisco for my spring break with 3 of my best friends. We were there Sunday through Thursday. 

I knew that in going to California, my outfits mattered. I brought the best of the best that I had. I’m so excited to get to share with y’all what I chose to wear on Monday. 

Top: I am so in love with this top from Bayou Gypsy! Bayou Gypsy is an online boutique based out of Monroe, Louisiana. They also have an awesome Instagram displaying all of the items they have! @bayougypsy. This top comes in colors black and red. Strapless tops are my thing. I love how flattering they are. I also love BOWS. And as you can see in the pictures above that the sleeves tie into a bow…how cute?! This top fits so well and is incredibly comfortable. Perfect for a transition into summer! Go check them out! 

Jeans: These are one of my go-to jeans from Old Navy. I wanted a light fade to go well with my black top! I adjusted the holes in the jeans to be more stylish to me.

Coat: I loooove this high-quality pink fur coat from Forever 21. It is so warm and SO FAB. I love the way it complemented my black top on a chilly day.

Shoes: Oh man, my staple black flats. I got these from Old Navy and I don’t know how they are still holding up. I wear them so much! They are trusty, comfortable, and cute. They went so well with my black top.

Backpack: TJMaxx. OMG. I had the best time picking this out. I knew I wanted a lightweight backpack to bring to California. I searched around and saw some freaking adorable bags at wonderful prices but when I saw this one, I knew it was the one. It fit everything I needed it to: my book, notebook, phone charger, snacks, and lipstick. The bandana I added on to it. It’s from Gap.

Make-up: I was inspired by a cheerleader I saw who had blue eye makeup on and I thought that would look so good with an all black top! Sometimes you just gotta go for it. I loved this makeup look. All eye shadow colors were used from the Lorac Pro palette.

Thanks for visiting my blog today! It’s a chill Saturday for me. I hope you all can have a restful Saturday before hitting up the next week! 

xx, Claire

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