Post-Vacation Depres–ENJOYMENT

Okay so I am not going to try and hide it and come out and say I definitely had post-vacation depression Friday and Saturday after coming back from the most lovely coast in America. (not serious clinical depression but I was bummed, which is out of the ordinary for me) There is no way to express how much I adore the west coast, its mountains, its rocks, its people, its cities, its weather, its vibes. It calls my name. It felt completely unreal. Ever since I visited Oregon in 2012, the west coast has all been a dream to me. I dream about it all the time. I crave for it as I double tap the PNW photos scrolling through my Instagram. So when I was finally able to live that life again.. I swore I was in a dream. I was. But it was real life. It reminded me of the wonderful things that are ahead.

Now I don’t say all of this to say that I am only looking at my life in the future. No. I love the city I am in now. I love Fayetteville and the mountains here and the weather and the people and the opportunity. Fayetteville is truly a dream to me too. The Lord wants us to live a life that we view as a dream. He wants us to have abundant life. John 10:10. For me, that’s right here in Fayetteville and it’ll be when He calls me to Portland too. Yeah I miss the city and all its wonders but I have a city right here in Arkansas to call my own!

Today is Sunday so that means CHURCH for me. I decided to try something new with my outfit. While we were in San Francisco, we visited their Steve Madden and I bought two pairs of shoes at such a great price. These red heels here were one pair. Only $25!! STEVE MADDEN. 

I wanted to pair them with my camo pants because I thought it would look so cool. And to tie it all together with a simple white tee. 

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So fun. Thanks for tuning in. Let me know what you think about my outfit. Does it inspire you? Can I even pull it off?

Make use of what’s already in your hand. If I am faithful with what is in my hand, He will be faithful with what’s in my heart. I hold onto that promise today. 

Love y’all. 

xx, Claire


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