Warby Parker Haskell-Flash Sunglass Launch

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a great start to your week. It seems like the weather is getting nicer and summer is quickly approaching!

Today Warby Parker launches their new sunglasses line, taking a twist on their classic Haskell frame! If you use Warby Parker, whether its for sunglasses or eyeglasses, you know they seek to satisfy and meet the needs of their customers! I fortunately don’t have to wear eyeglasses quite yet but plenty of my friends do and I know they love getting to test out the Warby Parker glasses using their Home Try-on, where you pick frames that you like, sent all right to the comfort of your own home, you get to try them on, and decide which one you like best. How cool is that? 

This just gets me even more excited for their sunglasses launch today! Summer is just around the corner, and so is the need for more sunglasses…

The new line has summer-friendly, trendy frames and lenses on sunglasses that you will love every day of the summer! Check them out, along with some outfits I would pair them with:

WP_Haskell500_1504_Sunglasses_Front_A4_sRGBProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

These super neat clear frames with the blue lenses are SO COOL. I absolutely love the different colors Warby Parker included with their lenses in this launch. I would definitely pair that blue frame with my USA shirt to make my patriotism shout even louder! 

WP_Haskell500_1505_Sunglasses_Front_A4_sRGBProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Good news to those of you who have trouble pairing sunglasses with a fun, more dressy outfit. I think these clear-framed, gray-lensed glasses are perfect for that look! These are absolutely versatile and would go with any outfit and wouldn’t take too much attention away from your dressier fits!


OMG. I’ve got to say these purple lensed glasses are my favorite out of this new launch! PURPLE. How cool is that?! I love neutral colors and warm tones but I also loooove trying new, bright, statement things. (I mean, check out my last blog post – I wore bright red heels with camo sweats.) I think these purple lenses would go great with my outfit here. My top is slightly pink and I think that light pink + the purple would go so great together! And this color pink is my favorite…so I’d be wearing these purple babes all the time.

For real though…just imagine wearing purple glasses when you’re just walking around town. HEADS TURN. And you’ll feel like a celebrity. That’s all that matters right?

WP_Haskell500_1509_Sunglasses_Front_A4_sRGBProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

THESE. I couldn’t think of any better top than this one right here to pair with these grayish/greenish lenses. As you can see, my top has a light green/grayish color in it and it would really make the green tint in these sunnies really pop! They’re also versatile enough to wear with casual or dressy outfits! 

WP_Haskell500_1506_Sunglasses_Angle_A4_sRGBProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

These are certainly my second favorite pair in this launch. I absolutely adore the purple/blue/gray tint in these lenses! Those must be my favorite colors. I think these sunnies would pair so perfectly with this outfit! I’ve got gray and blue on and the purple tint in the lenses would totally stand out and truly pull this outfit together! I think these, too, are versatile enough to wear with almost anything. I would say that if you are a person who wants a pair of sunnies to go with everything but also have a unique aspect, then this is your shade.

WP_Haskell500_1508_Sunglasses_Angle_A6_sRGBProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Ahhh. This green lens reminds me of the West Coast. If you’re on the coast this summer, don’t forget your green!! They’re totally cool and bright to up your style. This photo is of me on the west coast, just wearing a Portland Gear sweatshirt. I bet if I had those green sunnies on with it, then my picture would be ten times better. Right? I love the turquoise aspect of this pair though, it reminds me of city life! These are the perfect lenses if you’re traveling the city/coast all in one. 

I love how our style can bring things to life. Sunglasses are so fun and they really make a person look a lot cooler, they just do. And I even think that some outfits just aren’t complete without a pair of sunnies. Do yourself a favor and check out the new collection. Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves, sometimes we need more sunglasses, sometimes we need new ones. Any way, everyone needs a pair of sunglasses and these are quality and stylish. 

If any of you have ever used Warby Parker or are planning to buy some in the future, comment and let me know which and how you like it!

xx, Claire

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