First Day of Fall – I’m BACK

Wow hello everyone. Welcome back to my page – it’s been FIVE MONTHS. What the heck?! 

Summer came and now summer is gone (first day of fall) – summer is a really difficult time for me to blog because hardly any of my friends stay in Fayetteville (to take pictures of me) and I am broke as HECK so I can’t even buy anything new. I seriously don’t think I bought a new piece of clothing all summer – talk about depression. I was barely passing with the essentials: groceries, utilities, gas. What a sad time!! I had a great summer though – traveled abroad TWICE for the first time ever! I went to Germany and Canada. 

While I was in Germany, I discovered a newfound love for Zara. They are constantly up to new fashions and producing their own clothing at such an affordable price! I feel like Zara is exactly MY style! And I sincerely appreciate their website and the shopping experience they give to their online customers. When you click to shop an item, it contains all the pictures you could possibly need + a suggestion at the bottom of what would look great paired with it! – How GENIUS is that?! Genius for sales but they are also very intentional with helping their customers style their new products. I’ve got mad respect/love for them now. 

I also got a new job in August! I started working at my favorite boutique in Northwest Arkansas – Elysian (the one I bragged so hard about in my last blog post)! I am totally loving this job. It’s everything I want to do and it’s challenging and I’m learning so much! I am so thankful and can’t wait to see where this takes me. It’s already taken me this far – I have constant access to new, stylish, quality clothing AND my coworker, Lydiah, is a photographer and she took pictures of me for my blog! BLESSED. 


While in Germany, I bought this beautiful linen white top at Zara. It is my favorite top to this day. I love the subtle stripes on it and the ruffled hem. It’s flattering, beautiful, attractive. It’s me!

The jeans are from my boutique, Elysian! Black, holes in the knees, raw hem jeans are a STAPLE. They are my favorite jeans to wear. We carry such a comfortable, reliable brand!

I am also wearing an ankle bracelet with stars on it (yes America) from Urban Outfitters and my shoes are from Zara as well! How freaking cute?! They are like a new twist on vintage – making them platform shoes with a velvet overlap.

My watch is from Elysian – it’s a Cluse watch! I thought it was so pretty on me and it was time to buy a new watch for myself! My sunnies are also from Elysian and they are Quay Australia (pronounced “key” – did y’all know that?) and they are what I am calling my redemption sunglasses. Y’all saw my last blog post – my wonderful new (in April) Quay Australia sunnies were stolen a WEEK after I got them and after I blogged about them. How sad it that?! I couldn’t trust anyone after that but I just got over it and bought a new pair πŸ˜‰ I’m feeling so good about it. A girl feels better when she’s wearing something she knows is high quality and she worked to get (or someone she loves gave it to her as a gift). Amen? Who doesn’t love treating themselves but also receiving gifts?

I am wearing the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette on my eyes πŸ™‚ My lipstick is Clinique’s matte lipstick in Cute Pop. 

I loved pairing this outfit together because it was simple but very cute. The ruffles on the top makes it a statement and the shoes are the main event of the outfit. I love a good black and white look, dressed up.

THANK YOU, Lydiah, for taking these beautiful photos of me and highlighting my outfit with your photography skills. Readers, if you are in the Northwest Arkansas area, reach out to her! She’s INCREDIBLE. 

Thank y’all for tuning back into my blog – I hope you enjoy your first day of fall! I will be enjoying it in shorts and a tank lol. Look forward to more posts here soon – my Influenster Shimmer VoxBox and my new Living Proof products! 

xx, Claire

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