Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray + Style Lab

Hey hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! About a month ago, I received the Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray (was supposed to get in February LOL) and a few weeks ago, received some Style Lab products including their new T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler! I seriously love when they send me products, so I am all-the-more happy to review them!


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The Perfecting Spray is to be used on damp hair, as extra hydration for your hair and as a detangling spray! What?! Detangling spray for adults? I spray my towel-dried hair as soon as I get out of the shower and I just brush right through, not even bottom to top because this spray detangles it for me! I’ve never had that happen before. It makes my getting ready SO much easier – and who isn’t looking for that? It certainly hydrates my hair and makes it look more shiny, too – not oily!

The Prime Style Extender has been a best friend of mine ever since first trying it about a year ago. I LOVE this cream and I know that it works! This is a hair primer, as the name suggests, and is used to lock your style in place so that it stays longer! I am someone who only has to wash her hair about every 4-5 days and keeping my style in place is KEY. It is used generously on damp hair before using any other treatment. 

The Flex Shaping Spray has also been my go-to hair spray for the last two years. It smells SO great and is a lightweight hairspray that gets the job done! – holding your finished style in PLACE. It’s truly one of the best hairsprays I have ever used, if not best. It’s honestly probably the best smelling one haha. 

I used The Blowout Spray after styling my hair as a finishing spray. It smells so good! I really love the smell but I feel like it’s a pretty lightweight hairspray so it’s probably best used in the blowout process, not after. You’ll read below that I am not one to do a blowout on my own hair, so my review may not be too helpful there! I wouldn’t use this spray as a finishing spray, though. I would certainly use the Flex Shaping Spray ^

The NEW T.B.D. Multitasking Styler can be used in so many ways! I used it on my dry hair to tame it first, and it did a really great job at that. I only used a little bit. I also tried it fresh out of the shower, on my wet hair, then blow-dried my hair. I will confess that I’m not a huge “blowout” person. That being, I’m not really interested in doing it to myself. If someone were to give me one, I would be interested to see what my hair does. But for myself, I would rather regularly blow-dry my hair and style it with a flat iron. I applied the cream to my wet hair, brushed through, then blew-dry with my brush. It kept my hair straight and tamed the whole time! This is incredible because normally blow drying my hair gives me a CRAZY poof/frizz. I didn’t style it while drying it, I was just trying to get it dry. I will say I might have used too much at the roots of my hair because I could kind of feel the product still there after drying (ew). So I would advise y’all to mainly use it mid-length to ends! 

Thank you so much Living Proof for trusting me to test and review your products! I am a huge fan and truly believe I have My Best Hair with Living Proof products.

I hope that these reviews helps some of you! Ask questions in the comment section below for any additional information 🙂 I hope y’all have a fantastic rest of your week! 

xx, Claire

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