Walk into Bath & Body Works for one thing…come out with the entire product line

Happy Tuesday everyone! Wow, it’s been an incredible start to a week for me. Last weekend I went to WOMAN CONFERENCE. My spirit is refreshed. I may or may not make another blog post on what they talked about this weekend. Everyone should hear it! So uplifting, empowering, and encouraging. THANK YOU New Life for reaching the WOMEN in Arkansas!!

Last week I went into Bath & Body Works to buy MYSELF something. I needed a new candle for the house and I shopped around too. I ventured over to the “CocoShea” area and started smelling things and just checking out what they had. I first noticed the body scrub and remembered I was running out of mine, so I grabbed it. I then asked a sales associate, my girl Elizabeth, how the body scrub works.

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I mainly wanted to know the difference between it and the one I was already using. She taught me about the entire line and I got to try it all in the store! It was a magical experience, of course, at Bath & Body Works. I first bought two items, then I came home and decided I would go back for another. 

Weeelll….. I got in there and basically ended up buying the rest of the line. I mean, why not? I got two of them for FREE. It was a deal and it’s perfume-free, it’s truly hydrating, it works, and I can blog about it..right?! 

The Sugar Scrub is what I originally picked up and started this whole thing. This scrub is WONDERFUL. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and exfoliated at the same time. And I don’t even have to use a lot!

Okay funny story about The Cream Body Wash and this weekend… TWICE my friends tried to use it as a lotion. When I say tried, they literally took it, opened it, and put it on their hands before I told them it was body wash. It looks and feels like lotion! That’s how soft it is! I love how easy it is to use and it truly is creamy and hydrating!

The Body Lotion is my go-to every day when I am on the go. Normally, I’ll stop by my bathroom on my way out of the house and will pump some of this lotion into my hands and get on with my day. My hands stay pretty hydrated through the day with this stuff – even after washing!

I use The Body Butter right after getting out of the shower, and apply it all over my cleaned skin. It is UBER hydrating and leaves my skin glowing! Even though the body butter is thicker than the lotion, it is still thin enough to spread effortlessly on your skin.

Okay the The Bath & Shower Jelly is the coolest body wash I have EVER used. PLEASE go buy this and try it. Really. It’s literally a jelly. Like when you scoop it out of the jar with your hand, it’s all in one piece. And it just lathers on your skin SO softly! Like, I think this is my new body wash for at least a few months. It is so FUN to use and feels so soft to use! Have you purchased it yet? You gotta do it.

I love using The Body Oil on my legs mainly when I wear shorts. I don’t want my legs to be looking dull when they should be glowing! It feels luxurious.

Bath & Body Works is always such a fun experience! I love treating myself and I have loved using all of these products the last few weeks. Showers have just been extra fun since purchasing this line! Go purchase one of them and get yourself a fall candle while you’re at it! You deserve it!

Also, if you guys want me to post a blog about Woman Conference and everything they talked about, let me know! I would love to encourage y’all with it. 

Y’all have a FANTASTIC rest of your week – make the best of it! 

xx, Claire


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