Casual – Dressed Up

HAPPY WEDNESDAY LOVELIES. It’s been a refreshing week for me! I hope it has been for you too. The weather in NWA is finally turning cold and I’ve got great things planned ahead. Be sure to read the end of my post to play a part in what’s to come 😉 

Have you ever wanted to just stay mostly comfortable but still look cute and feel like you look cute? Like if there was a way to wear a tee shirt and dress it up? It’s possible. You can do it! & I’ll show you how. 

I love this outfit for so many reasons. Casual cute is my GO-TO! Check out the details–>

Tee – Ever since working at Elysian, I have wanted one of Lisa’s (founder of Written tees) NY. LA. Bentonville. tees. They are a HUGE hit with the Walmart people and the tees are super comfortable. They are breathable, have a raw neckline, and are a lightweight soft fabric. I think simple graphic tees like hers are PERFECT to be able to dress down and up. 

Cardigan/Jacket – Here, I am wearing a cardigan but you could totally wear a jacket of some sort too. To dress up your tee, you could wear a comfortable but fabulous cardigan or jacket. Mine here is from Elysian and it’s the softest cardigan I own. Pure white it sure to add fab to your fit. I like that it’s a long cardigan since I am wearing heels. Long tops with heels is almost an elegant look. Even if you have a longer fur coat or a longer embroidered or distressed denim jacket – those would work too! 

Pants/Leggings – So I happened to find a GREAT bottom piece at Plato’s Closet here in Fayetteville. These are originally from Forever 21 and they are faux leather leggings with a zipper at the ankle. These are PERFECT to dress up a casual look – if you could find yourself some leggings that are a leather-ish fabric, that would be perfect to pair with an outfit like this. Elysian has a pair – shop here!

HeelsThese clear heels from Boohoo are certainly one of my favorites. The chunk heel allows it to still be comfortable and the clear colors keep the outfit casual by not adding a huge statement and looking super classy. They go perfectly with the long cardigan and the leather pants.

Purse – Add a fabulous, small purse or clutch to your outfit to be your only “statement.” It will stand out and pull your outfit together. It’s so easy to dress your outfit up because you just hold it – you don’t have to wear it on your body. I got mine from Zara. I found a really cute website that has GREAT clutches that I think would be SO cute to add to your casual outfit! Great great quality, too. 

Watch/Ascot/Sunnies – My watch is a Cluse watch – I bought it from Elysian. My sunnies are Quay Australia, also from Elysian. And guess where I bought the ascot?! Elysian! Hahaha. It was $5. 

Coffee – from none other than 7 Brew in Bentonville. Iced German Chocolate. Go get it guys.

Soooo I mentioned above that great things are coming. My sweet friend Tessa and I were discussing ideas on how I could make my blog better. I decided that I am going to start a new segment on my blog THIS SUNDAY called “Reflecting on the Little Things.” This is where I will make a small post every Sunday about what I learned/loved/hated/did significantly during the previous week. I am super excited to start this and to show you guys a glimpse of what I do in my every day life and what it’s like for me week-to-week. We can learn from the small, intricate things in life! And we can appreciate those things. 

Now here’s how I want you all to participate in this… I said I would be calling it “Reflecting on the Little Things” BUT please give me your ideas on what I should call it!! I know you are all creative and I want it to be something you all LOVE. 

Thank you all for tuning in!! Can’t wait to post on Sunday 😉 

xx, Claire

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