Reflecting on the Little Things

Hello Sunday FUNDAY! Guys I am so excited to start this new segment on my blog!! Starting today, I am going to post on Sunday evenings in a new segment called “Reflecting on the Little Things.” In this segment, I will discuss things I learned/loved/hated/did during the previous week. This will give y’all a glimpse into my every day life and also show y’all how I find the little things to appreciate (and will keep me accountable to continue to appreciate the little things). I will talk about songs I’ve been listening to, foods I’ve tried/cooked, revelations I had, difficult things I had to endure… My big blog posts are for fashion and beauty so I probably won’t be discussing things like that but these will be mainly me chatting it up, personally, with you guys. I think it will be fun and we can all learn from each other. 

Foods I tried:

On Tuesday, I went to breakfast at Arsaga’s with my bestie roomie Kristen and she expressed how she wanted to try some of their seasonal drinks. I am absolutely in love with their Iced Grasshopper, and once I find something I love, I stick with it but this time I decided I would try something new, since it was cheaper than my normal Grasshopper hahaha. I thought the “Velvet Fog” sounded nice because it had roses in it. The waitress explained to me that it was a tea, and I’m not a big fan of hot tea but I know I need to force myself to like it since it has great benefits, so I decided to try it. 

Guys, not always is trying something new very rewarding, but THIS TIME IT WAS. This drink is literally now my favorite tea and with every sip, I smelled a rose and that’s all I ever want in life. I teared up it was such a beautiful experience and I just can’t put into words how wonderful it was for me personally but I had a moment with God. lol. It tasted so creamy and it was pretty sweet but not unbearably sweet. It’s made with coconut milk, I know that. Ugh. I just want to drink roses every day.

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Songs I listened to: 

I’ve been listening to Kendrick Lamar’s songs “Humble” and “Love”, Mosaic’s “Unknown” album, and when I listened to the “New Music Friday” Spotify playlist I discovered some songs I like: Like Gold by Vance Joy, You and Me by Shallou, and Nothing Left For You by Sam Smith. And I rediscovered my love for LANY’s song, 4Ever! 

Things I did: 

On Monday, I attended the Hippo Campus concert at George’s – do any of you listen to them? They were BETTER LIVE. So good! I went with my friends Kristen and Lexi and made new friends there! Haha.


Tuesday, my roomies and I started a new thing where we will have a roomie breakfast all together on Tuesday mornings. I think it’ll be really refreshing for all of us. It’s important to get the people you love together! Me and Kristen went to Arsaga’s (of course) 


She’s so cute

Wednesday after classes, I went to my first barre class with my new friend Caroline (whom I met at the concert) and it was AWESOME. I just went at the HPER here at the university for free (shouts to being a college student) and I had a great time! I thought it would be all about dancing and flexibility but it’s not. It more just muscle workout! I definitely want to do it again. I was sore the next day…that’s the best feeling. You know you did something right.

What I learned: 

The little things that I learned to appreciate this past week were sweet mornings and learning how to cook. Hahaha I love mornings but I hate getting up (can anyone relate?) I super loved being at Arsaga’s Tuesday morning and it made the rest of my day so much better. I have loved being able to cook meals and snacks for myself lately where I don’t have to buy processed foods at a fast food restaurant and I can save MONEY and eat at home. I’m surprised at how good the food I’ve cooked has been. I do come from a family of great cooks though 😉 Maybe I’ve just been an amazing chef this whole time and I’m just now learning this super power. Who knows.

I hope that the rest of you have enjoyed your Sunday and take the time to reflect on the things you appreciate and the things you could do better at next time. It’s essential to reflect so that we can always be growing and progressing and getting better, not making the same mistakes over and being more grateful for what we have. 

Happy Sunday

xx, Claire

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Little Things

  1. Lr says:

    Great blog Claire. All my love. Momma Lee Ann. So so glad you and Kristen are such great friends and roommates…she’s lucky to have you. And I am glad I get to share her with you I miss that girl so much.


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