Fall Dressy

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s SWEATER SEASON and I have officially fallen (get it?) in love with the sweaters at Elysian. We have QUALITY sweaters and I refuse to settle for anything less for something that needs to be super durable! I have now bought three sweaters from there and my closet is still growing. It’s always soft, classy, dressy, comfortable, breathable, flexible, and retains heat. I can’t wait to continue to dress up sweaters this season. One of the big reasons I love fall/winter is all the layering you get to do!

I love that the color changes of the trees are the same colors we use in fashion. I’ve had these pair of heels for a couple years now and they are the perfect fall color and I love pairing them with a cute sweater and fun hat.

I thought the beige color of this sweater would go perfect with blue jeans. I love these jeans because they fit me as if they were made for me?! They are from H&M and they have a zipper at the bottom.

Such a simple way to make your sweaters more dressy is by wearing heels (could be heel booties) and adding a hat! I love the detail and color of this hat and I think it really pulls my outfit together. I bought it from Elysian.

These heels, like I mentioned above, I bought about a year ago from Charlotte Russe. Chunky heels are so much easier to walk in, too, right?! 

Now that we can only bring in clear purses to the stadiums, a lot of places have been selling clear bags, and I bought mine from Elysian. I really think it’s cute and trendy, too, outside of the stadium, so I added it to this outfit. It just shows my wallet and sunglasses in it. Now if you’re one to normally have a messy purse (like myself), it certainly keeps you accountable to keeping it clean hahaha.

I’m super excited to show y’all more of my fall outfits – I’ve bought a lot of fun stuff! I love the coziness of fall. Do y’all have a heating blanket? That’s one of the best things about this cold weather right now..plus holding my hot coffee closer to me 🙂 

xx, Claire

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