Reflecting on the Little Things

Happy happy Sunday everyone 🙂 We’ve made it to Thanksgiving week! YAY! I am so excited to get to see my family and friends in Louisiana and get to REST. This week ended GREAT and I think that’s all that matters! I love Sundays and I love getting to spend it with my New Life family. I am always thankful to God that I can be fed every Sunday morning when I go to church. God takes care of me and always gives me something I need to hear/experience. I am unbelievably thankful to be at New Life Church. We wrapped up our series on studying the book of 1 John and Pastor Jason talked about receiving God’s love. God is always the initiator and we only need to receive and that’s where everything else flows from…forgiveness, loving others, staying joyful, finding peace. This morning was a needed refresher and I’m simply brought to tears with how taken care of I am here in Fayetteville. Thank you God. Ps. 55:22.

What I did:

Tuesday evening, I attended a creative team meeting for NLC. This is a brand new thing that the Fayetteville campus is starting up and I am SO excited about it. I feel like I have had these ideas forever and haven’t been able to put them anywhere and now, I am able to put my hands to something I am passionate about! The creative team is involved with all things social media, atmosphere, and planning events.

We also had a girl’s panel discussion Wednesday night for our college ministry (I know you’re probably thinking wow this girl is really involved in church – yes, yes I am. I need it. But I’m also involved in other things trust me keep reading) and it was SO REFRESHING. Three wise women in our church talked about handling the stress of school and keeping a growing relationship with God, in practical ways. It was incredible. 

Friday and Saturday I got to work my first boutique show with Elysian! It was so much fun. I loved being there and experiencing everything! I work best when things are busy (literally) so it was really cool to me! It’s so funny working retail and you really get to know personality types and how quickly you find out which “shopper category” a customer fits in.

Today, I helped host one of my best friends, Anna’s, bridal shower. This is my first wedding to be in and I am SO excited for this wedding!! Anna (pronounced like Ana from Frozen) is so precious to me, and I say that with so much weight because it is 110% true with much to back it up.


Songs I listened to:

DEF back in to some old albums. Old but GOOD.

1) Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album. Obviously LOVE the song Know Yourself, Energy, Star67, and You & The 6. I love Drake as an artist now so I love all the songs but those were my favorite this week. They’re so fun and they lifted my spirits after listening to Frank Ocean….

2) Frank Ocean’s Blonde album. Man, that one really got me in my feels. As I was listening to “Self Control” one day driving to school, I was surprised at how quickly it saddened me! It’s such a real song.. “keep a place for me” – that’ll tug on my heart strings. I also love Nikes and White Ferrari. They have a GREAT beat and it’s certainly the type of music I love. 

I love being able to express myself through music. I am no musician other than that I can play the piano (I don’t practice it as much as I’d like) but I basically am with how much I appreciate music and feel like I belong in it. Music is 100% a part of me and who I am today. Being able to find songs that match your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings… That’s special. It’s so special! And that’s why I listen to songs/albums for months ongoing at a time then move on to the next.. hahaha.

Stuff I bought:

At the boutique show, I bought a pair of vintage denim jeans from an online business called Down Right Denim (jeans featured above) where she buys old vintage jeans and basically modernizes them. They’re so quality and fun. Check them out!! 

I also bought two stackable Go Rings for myself, but for my friend Caroline who is raising money for her mission trip in December! Go Rings sells quality rings (mine are 14K gold) and gives profit to help fundraise people going on mission trips. What a cool business?! Check out their story and make a purchase for my friend Caroline to help send her to Jordan! They would make such a great gift – and you’re actually gifting another person while you’re at it! How cool?!

 What I learned:

Like I said earlier, church was so refreshing this morning. I learned that truly everything comes out of relying on God. I MUST rely on God for everything. Nothing I have didn’t come from Him. And if I am believing for more, I must rely on God for it. If not He, then who? In Colossians 3:4, Paul says “Christ, who is your life” and that is true and simple. I must rely on Him for everything I need and want. 

I am SO pumped for this upcoming week like I mentioned before. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and remember to always be thankful. I will hopefully have another blog post coming at ya this week on my Thanksgiving outfit WOO! Can’t wait.

xx, Claire

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