Thanksgiving Outfit

It’s TUESDAY people!! & it’s Thanksgiving week! I get to see my family TOMORROW – ahhhh! I’m so excited to share my Thanksgiving outfit here on my blog! 

Thanksgiving obviously has a color scheme… olive greens, mustard yellows, rusted oranges, browns, deep reds, golds… I love that the color change of the trees greatly influence the color change of fashion – they’re exactly the same! People go from wearing bright, lively colors, like the trees once were, to wearing darker colors, like the trees change to.

If you follow me on (an app that allows you to get direct links to outfits posted on social media), you will see that I linked a lot of similar options to my outfit here. 

Dress – the main event. I found the perfect Thanksgiving dress at the boutique I work at, Elysian. It’s got a slit toward the bottom left of it. I thought this was the color of Thanksgiving and of fall. It doesn’t quite fall all the way to the ground, which I like. It also falls on my body in a way that’s flattering. It’s super comfortable (obviously – it’s one piece of clothing that I have to wear) and fun to wear.

Jacket – I actually got this jacket from Elysian about a year ago, when I first visited the store. It’s a warm, fuzzy, long, grey jacket and it’s certainly keeping me in my maxi dress real cozy.

Heels – I bought these wonderful heels at ALDO while in Canada over the summer. I love them because they are really easy to wear when it’s either hot or cold outside – they have a closed toe. They’re more comfortable than your average heel because they have the chunky heel. That’s what I want to be wearing to my family dinner and pictures.

Bracelet & Necklace – I bought this bracelet also in Canada at a market they had. I met the lady who handmade it. It was such a sweet experience and it’s one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry and gifts to myself. The necklaces are from Old Navy. I don’t think they still sell the same ones.

EarringsThese wonderful earrings are from Target. & they’re still there! I bought them for Easter and I have gotten so many compliments on them wearing them since. I love what they add to an outfit.

Rings – the rings I am wearing here are from Elysian. They come in a pack of three and are in-store only. However, I’ve recently bought some VERY similar from Go Rings that are 14K gold and while I bought them, I also donated to my friend’s mission trip! That’s what this business does. They sell these jewelry pieces to help fund missionaries. You know exactly where you’re money is going to! If you decide to make a purchase from them (you should), select my friend Caroline at the checkout so you can help be a part of her funding as well!

Photos by Lydiah Christine ❤️

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy Black Friday shopping. Be sure to follow me on if you want to see what similar items I linked that weren’t mentioned on here. It’s @clairenconnell


xx, Claire

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