Reflecting on the Little Things

Wow I hope all of you had a very happy Thanksgiving, well spent with your family and full of rest and fun! I hope you were able to be fully present while spending time with your loved ones and fully enjoy it. For me, it was truly a refreshing week getting to see my family and friends. I feel so refreshed and encouraged and full of a new hope. (Star Wars?) 

If you went Black Friday shopping, I wanna know what good deals you got! I actually didn’t go Black Friday shopping this year. I shop everyday so I only bought things I actually needed which was face wash and moisturizer from Clinique haha. They are still having 25% off right now if you want to take advantage of that! 


When we went to the opening night of Christmas lights in Calhoun


My friend Savannah is getting married and we all said yes to our dresses!


We found the perfect velvet chairs in TJMaxx


Love you Chels




Before trying my first bite of heaven


The coolest 10 year old


What we love to do as a family – puzzles


Me and my lil


I want this as an earring – anyone else think that about ornaments?!?


My baby Rue. Miss her.

Foods I tried

OBVIOUSLY since it was Thanksgiving, I got A LOT of food. OMG. I have finally, this 2017 year, come to like Thanksgiving food! For my entire life up until this year, I didn’t like Thanksgiving food. That was the type of food I didn’t like but recently almost everything about me has grown and expanded including my taste in food! Thank GOD! So I had delicious sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, green bean casserole (wow I’m salivating all over again and wish I had those leftovers in Fayetteville, Arkansas), rolls, turkey (obvi), stuffing, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie! Mmmmm! Oh, and lots of homemade SWEET TEA. AH I love southern food!

Also. Omg. Don Pepe’s in Conway. My new fave and what I will be craving every time I go to Conway now. I think it’s comparable to but certainly better than Chipotle.

Songs I listened to

Wednesday morning I got REALLY sick super randomly to the point where I was in tears because I was in so much pain but I had to get on the road and get home. I was crying while driving on the interstate when I saw this car that had the sticker “In God We Trust” amen I love America SO much, which reminded me of the song I love with the same title by Hillsong Worship. I began to sing to God because no sickness would ever take my SONG away and as I sang it, I felt chills all over my body and almost immediately felt better. WHAT THE HECK. I’m just gonna leave that there. 

My roomie bestie Kristen also introduced me to a different version of “Moon River” by Jon Batiste and it’s beautiful. I love that song with all of me. 

I also learned how to play “Futura Free” by Frank Ocean on the piano. I miss the piano so much. My momma has one so I was able to play on that one while I was there.

What I learned

This morning at church we began our “Big Screen” series which is what we do every year where we play clips from a movie in church and learn from them in a Godly way. It’s really cool and helps us to learn that we can take our everyday life and learn a Godly lesson from it. I love that my church teaches me that. We watched “Hidden Figures” and learned about persistence and endurance. It was so good. Endurance is what produces the favor and the miracle. I’m ready to ENDURE the race to finish better than when I started! I want to learn more so I can grow my capacity to do more. Thank you Jesus! 

I’ve also learned all the more to be appreciative of my friends and family around me. I have SO many people in my life that love and care for me. I should focus on that rather than bad things or people who don’t love me! I am SO blessed!

Anyway, thank y’all for reading up tonight! I am equipped to get back on the grind this week and I hope y’all are too! Breaks just aren’t long enough. 

xx, Claire

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