Wants to Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you all have had an incredible week so far. My week is now SO good because I had my last test today before finals and today was above average good. I took a trip to Rogers to go to the Home Goods/Marshall’s and that’s always a good time. I also got me some iced coffee from my fave, 7Brew, and I went to their super cute big Walmart WHICH HAS A DUNKIN DONUTS INSIDE, like an airport!! I’ll be moving to Rogers now. (lol that’s a real joke but I for real might after graduation – who knows)

I really love this outfit because it says “Audrey Hepburn” and “NYC” all at once. TWO THINGS I LOVE SO MUCH.



This blazer is so Zara-looking, I think, and I bought it from Elysian. It’s oversized and I thought would look cute with a pair of looser-looking jeans! The jeans are also from Elysian, but aren’t sold online so here is a link to some from NA-KD that are basically the same!

I tied it all together to look very chic with a pair of clear heels, from Boohoo, and a silk dot ascot (I bought from Elysian). The ascots are not sold online but I want to provide y’all with some links to some that I love that ARE available online! Here && here 😉 My earrings are from ALDO and my sunnies are Quay Australia! I feel like the sunnies paired with the ascot in my ponytail made me look all-the-more like Audrey Hepburn, whose style I love! My beloved beaded crossbody purse is from Zara (unfortunately, they aren’t selling them anymore 😦 ) BUT I looooove this one from H&M that is beaded and would go really well with this outfit!

I am finishing up my FIFTH semester of college…three more to go and I have senioritis already OOPS. I’m ready to be done with school work and do REAL work! I love my major though and I’m expectant to see how much I’ll grow and learn and take up cool opportunities! I hope y’all have a memorable rest of your week and get your Christmas shopping done!

xx, Claire

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