Sparkle, Corduroy, and Calvin Klein

Happy mid-week everyone! I am finally done with finals and am now full-on wedding mode. My dear friend Anna is getting married tomorrow! AHHHH! That’s all I wanna think about and I can’t wait to PARTY! Plus I’ve got exciting news for you all…read to the bottom.

I love hats. I love wearing them with my hair down. It’s like a sense of comfort or security to me. A few months ago I was able to go to Urban Outfitters and I found the perfect Calvin Klein hat!! I’m pretty sure it’s “men’s” but a gal can wear it too.


I loved pairing it with this pretty blush pink corduroy frayed jacket. It’s so fun and stylish!! I bought it from Elysian, but they don’t have any left so here’s a link to one JUST alike (besides the frayed edge). 

My jeans are a 360 degree stretch from Gap! They fit me like a glove and truly do stretch any way! They are high waisted and beautiful.

Ah and my brand new Steve Madden flats are my new favorite!! I’m sure you can tell, I’m a huge fan of bead-y items lol. They are so easy to wear because they are slip-on’s but they make a big statement at the same time!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a few weeks now, you’ve seen this Zara purse multiple times! I love how it’s small and colorful but not too much to take away from the outfit! Unfortunately, it’s not available online anymore, but here is a link to a beaded purse that would look really cute with an outfit like this! My sunnies, I LOVE, and they go with everything, are Quay Australia. My watch is Cluse.

Cute can be comfy! I loved styling this outfit together. It’s so fun and comfortable.

I hope you all have a GREAT rest of your week – be looking out for another blog post coming at the end of this week on “How to Host a Holiday Party” with my blogger friend Mackenzie! Trust me, y’all are gonna want to read that one.

xx, Claire

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