Chenille O’Neal

Hey beautiful people! It’s the first Wednesday of 2018! Have y’all started on your New Years Resolutions yet? I wanna hear what you are wanting to accomplish this year and how you’ve begun to do so! Post in the comments below.

Have y’all noticed the trend of chenille knits this winter season? They’re everywhere! I’ve got to say it’s certainly one of my favorite trends because chenille is SO soft! I’m totally loving all of it. I bought this chenille knit sweater with ruffles from Target because I saw SO many people wearing it and I had to have one myself!

I’ve also been loving the trend of over-the-knee boots. I’ve styled them with mini skirts and over jeans. Both look really cute but I have to say my favorite is over jeans! I am totally loving this look.


I bought these studded over-the-knee boots on sale at Belk over Thanksgiving. They are also available at DSW! They are super comfortable and, like I mentioned above, you can style them with a mini skirt or over skinny jeans! I loved the way they looked over my seamed jeans from Elysian.


I love how you can totally buy an entire outfit at Target, and that’s nearly what I did! My purse and earrings are also from Target! It’s so affordable and I can always count on their products being on-trend.


I wear my Quay Australia sunnies literally every sunny day. They are my go-to! They are quality to last long and they are always so stylish! I also wear my Cluse watch to style up my outfit all the time. It comes with a one-year warranty so that made me more comfortable to purchase it!

I am currently living it up in Kansas City with my friends and I’M LOVING BEING ON VACATION RIGHT NOW. Being able to travel is my favorite. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @clairenconnell to follow my KC adventures this week!

xx, Claire

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