Reflecting on the Little Things

Happy rainy Sunday! (To those of you in a rainy location like myself today) I got back on the grind today at work and it was the slowest day ever 😂 I guess that’s what happens when it’s as gloomy as it is outside! I’m not gloomy today though. I’m full of hope! Church this morning was so refreshing. Just the Spirit there and presence of God was incredible.

So this past week, I went to KANSAS CITY – wooo! I had the BEST time ever. For real. Best week I’ve had in a while. I love breaks. I went to visit my dear friends Lexi and Megan. They live in such a wonderful, fun city and have incredibly loving families.


Me and Meg



My girl Lex looking at her new favorite blanket in IKEA


mirror pics. always.

Lexi used her brand new camera she bought herself for the very first time on my trip there. It was SO cold (below freezing the entire trip) so we didn’t do a whole lot of outside activities. We played games and just had restful girlie time and also did all the essentials: go to IKEA, visit the plaza, eat at KC Joe’s.

I bought some AWESOME things at IKEA. Didn’t plan on it, but decided I needed them once I got there 😉 I will link them on here in case you want to see a picture of what they are! They are SO cute! I bought a gray blanket for only $9.99, a fuzzy white pillow cover for a pillow I decided I don’t like anymore, and a gray fur rug-type-thing — you can really do anything with it since it’s so small. I’m actually currently using it on my chair, as an accessory. It and the new blanket pulls my room together! I love IKEA SO MUCH!

Can I just talk about, though, how I had the BEST BBQ on the planet at KC Joe’s… NOTHING compares! I went to heaven and came back with that sandwich. No joke. They also had the best sweet tea I’ve ever drank, which is ironic because they are not in the south. Haha, maybe my taste in sweet tea has been northern-fied though.

Being in the plaza really reminded me of how much I love and long to live in the city! Endless opportunity and always a great view. It made me really happy! I thrive around people. I am my best self when I am around people. I love being around a bunch of people! That’s what some say they don’t like about the city but that’s exactly what I love about it. If you don’t know me very well, you must know that I want to live in a big city one day! That is a huge dream of mine and I’m currently trying to work out a path to get me there. Dreams don’t become reality unless you are proactively working out a way to get there! Pray with me as I work to do that in the next few months.

It’s always great to take a break from reality and just hang out with your closest friends. Jesus did that a lot. He was always hanging with his disciples, but also always making room for more.

That’s the “little things” that I found joy in this week. What are yours?

xx, Claire

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