Reflecting on the Little Things – Fasting

HAPPY Sunday everyone! I hope it has been happy for you. I am looking forward to QUITE a week. Our church started prayer and fasting today and it will end on Saturday. I also start school this week, in 2 degree weather. I want to share this post to those of you who are so sweet to read it, being totally honest with you about what fasting means to me.

Now part of me is like “Claire, don’t tell people what you are fasting / the fact that you are fasting… you just read a verse this morning that says not to do that” but truly the verse is about the heart behind it. It’s saying “don’t tell people you are fasting just to look good to your Christian community” and that’s not my heart at all. I really felt the Lord ask me to be honest here with what my upcoming week will be like and what I am believing God for.

This morning Pastor Jason taught us what fasting is, why we do it, and how we do it. I want breakthrough in my life and I want God to be LORD in my life in certain areas where I haven’t given him that position yet. Yes, I can say that He is Lord of all, but am I really putting him at the forefront of every area of my life? No.

To be honest, I have never fasted before. Every time the fasting time at church came up, I never took initiative to be a part and I dismissed myself because “I don’t like to do what everyone else is doing” or “you’re already underweight so you need to be eating MORE not less” or I am actually totally afraid of making a promise to do something or not to do something, and breaking that. I’m someone who honestly isn’t very consistent with things. I am not totally ready to fast a certain food in my life, but I would also say that there is more than just food that is hindering me from hearing from God more.

As I prayed about what I should fast, God really brought to my attention the way I start my days. I wake up, turn off my alarm, and I mindlessly check my social media. I spend so much time there in bed, not even processing what I’m seeing, that I forget about spending time with Him.

I asked God what I should be believing for. There are certain areas in my life where I need a move of God or it’s not going to happen. One thing is this blog. I want so badly for this blog to be as excellent as it can be. As successful as it can be. I want to go big for God.

I decided that I would delete my social media apps for the week to not use them and only for an hour tops to post for my blog and respond to comments/messages. I really just want to get away from my phone completely, so I am just going to put it out of my sight as much as possible and just be 100% present where I am. And when I get up in the morning, I’m going to pull up my Bible app. Not my Instagram app (it’ll be deleted). I am also, instead of watching TV, going to watch a sermon. I’m also going to be more mindful of what I eat. Honor God with it this week. In the time that I am not on my phone, I will be in prayer, in worship, in His Word, or listening to a sermon.

I am believing that through not doing these things, I will get my breakthrough.

We have to make sacrifices if we want breakthrough. I am willing, Lord.

Thank you all for reading this today, this is what will be going on this week for me and I cannot wait to tell you all about how it goes next week. Pray with me and for me if you would.

xx, Claire

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