Stripes A-Blaze

Hey everyone it’s THURSDAY night and that means the weekend is so close. I’m just ready to take a nap. 😂 This week is my first full week back in school and I’m exhausted already! It’s really just because I’m going to bed late and waking up early. I always have a hard time going to bed when someone else is up. I just want to be up with people all night haha. Are any of you that way?

I’m also trying to start the semester right and get work done ahead of time. Not wait till the last minute and stay organized and up-to-date. Study as the notes progress. I’ve got some time in between classes to help me with that. And so far I’ve made straight A’s WOOO!🎉


If y’all read my blog post a few weeks ago about going to Kansas City, you know I recently went to Kansas City, lol. While I was there I scored some awesome items at H&M and felt like a MODEL in the dressing room… This blazer isn’t even all of it… Y’all just wait 😏 I think my next piece is gonna blow y’all away.. (hint: I’m wearing it to a wedding and you’re gonna wish you were my date OOOOO — just kidding 😂😂)


I love the stripes on this blazer. It is so professional-looking but it’s also cute! I have to be honest, I wasn’t really sure about the length of it when I put it on but I thought it would be so fun to pair with short heels and plain jeans! I would definitely say to pair it with a skinny pant and a shoe that comes off the ground. At least on a person with a body type like me where the hem fell on my hips.


Okay. I have GOT to tell y’all about this necklace I’m wearing 😱. It is from Sarah Briggs Jewelry (link here). I first learned about her jewelry when I was working. A couple of cute gals came in, and I told them I LOVED their earrings. I remember them being so original and I wanted some like them! She told me what company it was from and I was like “oh okay great I’ve got to look her up.” Well I definitely forgot right after. Thank goodness they came back and again I said “omg I love your earrings” (different earrings this time) and they were like, “girl, Sarah Briggs!” and one of them gave me her card. I followed her on IG and knew it was just my style and I had to have one of their pieces! I’m so thankful to have this necklace (and earrings coming up) from her jewelry! It’s high quality, sophisticated, and beautiful. Here is the link to the necklace. Just go visit her website though because a LOT of cute stuff is on sale right now and you’re guaranteed to find a steal for something you’ll love forever!


The jeans are from Zara! I bought them when I was in Germany this past summer. I love the quality of them and the fact that they haven’t faded yet!


My beloved black purse with rings is from Target. I love having it as an accessory. The shoes are also from H&M, but they sold out SO quick! So I’ve linked similar ones to my app. Sunnies are my trusty Quay Australia’s.


Y’all this was my favorite photo shoot yet. Seriously, Lydiah is the BEST. I love working with her and growing with her. She makes me feel confident and AWESOME and she is such a joy to be around and I feel like I can be myself around her! If you’re in or close to Northwest Arkansas, you gotta have her as your photographer for your next event!! Here is a link to her page.

I hope you all have such a GREAT weekend! I’ll be back on here on Sunday for “Reflecting on the Little Things.” Comment below if there is anything specific you would want me to talk about 🙂 Would love to hear y’all’s opinions! 

xx, Claire

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