All of the Plaids

Hi everyone!!! What an unfortunate past two days it’s been for me😂 Tuesday was rockin’ then yesterday I woke up after a full 8 hours of sleep feeling achey. I went to my first class but decided I would come home after so that I could get some rest and get to feeling better. Well UNFORTUNATELY every time I woke up I felt worse. Seriously so inconvenient because I had an exam and quiz today. Totally didn’t make it to those but I have what’s important: a doctor’s note. Thank God, it’s not the flu. It was a stomach bug. I am still getting over it but PRAYING I feel back to 100% tomorrow so that I can go to class and go to my friend’s wedding!!

Needless to say, there was no way this post was gonna make it live yesterday – so sorry! If you’ve been following me, you know that I normally post on Wednesdays. I was hoping to get better but got worse. Today I’m taking the laptop out, and typing!


For Christmas, Santa got me this wonderful plaid skirt! It’s seriously so soft and is a wrap skirt. The other fabric is leather. When I tried it on Christmas Day, my aunt and I decided it would look so cute with black tights and black booties! P.S. it’s on sale for $25🙊


I actually decided to pair it with a cream-colored sweater to mix things up. My skirt definitely has white in it, but I thought this asymmetrical sweater from Elysian would be super cute with it and I love how it turned out! Even if it’s a sin to pair cream with white😂


These cutie booties are from Forever 21 and were only $28!!!


Okay, I have GOT to tell y’all about the jewelry I’m wearing! I’ve recently just fallen in love with a high-quality brand and now it’s the only jewelry I wanna wear! I’m so glad Sarah Briggs sent me hoop earrings because I’ve been wanting some, and I love the Greek look of these. And I’ve really been loving this necklace too! I paired it with a blazer in my last post and I love pairing it with a sweater too! It definitely dresses the sweater up. Y’all have got to go check out her jewelry! Link here. (She’s even got a bunch of stuff on sale)


My everyday sunnies are Quay Australia and my purse is from Target! I love the rings it has on it!


I am going to go back to bed – haha. Pray I get better SOON. Thank you to those of you who read this today!

xx, Claire

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