Galentine’s Day – Easier Than You Think

Happy February 6th everyone!! That means Valentine’s day is EIGHT short days away. A little over a week for those of you to buy stuffed teddy bears, boxes of chocolates, dozens of roses… OR to get your best gal a sweet “galentine’s day” card.

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I love the spirit of it. I love love! It’s great to be loved by someone, to be cared for, told you’re beautiful, receive gifts, and have someone to hold hands with! When I picture Valentine’s Day, I picture a candlelit dinner and a romantic walk on the square. It’s the day you get to be cheesy!

Now whether or not you are single on Valentine’s Day, you always need to celebrate your galentine’s – your best girlfriends! We would be lost without them and your best girls are always going to be there even through the seasons of no Valentine’s!


Me and my blogger galentines Mackenzie from Mackenzie Jo and Aislinn from The Simplistic Chic made a few snacks and enjoyed a girls night in! Sometimes those are the truly relaxed nights you need – spent inside, with your girls. A Valentine’s well spent is not hard to do!


We made chocolate stuffed raspberries, a special mix of popcorn, and drank sparkling grape and blueberry juice 😋


Fun fact about me: my favorite Valentine’s Day was when my dad sent me flowers to my dorm my freshman year of college. He has the kindest heart! No one will be able to take the place in my heart my dad has!💝


Here’s how you make the chocolate-stuffed raspberries:

It’s really easy!

You melt regular and white chocolate, pipe them into the raspberries, then you put them in the freezer for 30 minutes until the chocolate hardens! Easy peasy.


Here’s how we did the popcorn:

Drizzle melted chocolate over popcorn, add sprinkles on while chocolate is still warm to stick, add M&M’s! Allow to cool so chocolate hardens.

Then you have a fun, beautiful mix, ready to celebrate!!


Y’all, I just want to say how STINKIN’ GOOD the Welch’s Sparkling Grape & Blueberry juice is! I bought it unsure of how those would taste together, but seriously I couldn’t stop drinking it! Y’all need to try this the next time you’re in the grocery store.


I got my cutsie PJ set from Target! It’s perfect for Valentine’s but also for whenever because it’s a simple light pink! I love how lovely it is.

To get the details of Aislinn’s outfit (in the middle), read her post here! And for Mackenzie’s (on the right), read it here 🙂


Claire BEAR! Get it?!


Happy Galentine’s loves!!

xx, Claire

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