Color Blocks Around the Block

Heeeeeyyy there happy Tuesday to you!

I am so pumped to be uploading fashion blog posts now TWICE a week! If you missed my last blog on Reflecting on the Little Things, I am now going to post three times a week: one Reflecting on the Little Things and two fashion posts! Being able to upgrade and do more in your business (slash hobby cause unpaid) is humbling and exciting and I am SO thankful to God for giving me this dream and blessing it over and over and trusting me with more. If we are faithful with what’s in our hand, He will be faithful with what’s in our heart!

I have a very fun sweater I want to share with you all from Baltic Born! This is such a cool clothing business because three sisters started it! And they are doing such a great job. I have two sisters and I think that would be so fun to start a business with them!


First off, lemme tell you about my jewelry detail here. The necklace and earrings are from Sarah Briggs. If you’ve read some of my blog posts before or even if you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you’ve seen these before. I gotta be honest, it’s hard NOT to style so many of my favorite clothing items without one of these two pieces! 🙈 They’re such an easy way to dress up an outfit!


OKAY. These LOVELY booties I got ON SALE (65% off) at Dillard’s! How great a deal is that?! I could not resist! I know I’ll be wearing them next season too so I knew it wouldn’t be a waste of money. (What’s a waste of money anyway when it’s 65% off?) They are Lucky Brand and are so comfy and stylish! I normally buy greys and blacks so I knew I needed a brown bootie.


My purse is from Elysian, where I work in Bentonville and I bought it on sale! I’m wearing it pretty much everyday because I’ve been loving cow prints. I also bought my Cluse watch from there!


I hope y’all have loved this sweater as much as I have! It’s so cozy and easy to style because of the different colors in it! Find the link to the sweater hereMy jeans are from Gap and they have 360 degree stretch so they’re basically the best thing that happened to women. They’re also on sale for only $46 right now!


✌🏼 out and come back on Thursday for a new blog post – another sweater from Baltic Born! (you might see a sneak peek on my Instagram)

Have a great rest of your Tuesday! I’ll be staying inside cleaning cause it’s raining all day 😦

xx, Claire

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