Reflecting on the Little Things – Focus on Fayetteville

Well hello everyone! It’s been a hot week since I’ve been on here. You may be wondering what happened or you might be the one to say, “oh I didn’t even know she was gone for a week…what was she doing?” In either case I would like to share what God called me to do last week and what I learned through it.

What initially brought this up was that I knew I wanted to give sacrificially to the new building of NLC Fayetteville. Pastors Jason and Ashley challenged us to give in a way that would truly be a sacrifice for the future of the church – if we truly call NLC home and want to be a part of this exciting new season! I am a college student so I don’t have a lot that I take pride in. I started thinking and praying about what means most to me and what would hurt to give up in order for the future of the church — if I really wanted to take this opportunity to be a part.

 I definitely take the most pride in my blog. I know that God is the one who has built this thing from the ground up and He will be in control of it forever – success or failure. I started to think “maybe I could sacrifice my next paycheck” or “maybe I could sacrifice my blog for a month” (I plan my blogs monthly). Neither of these sounded nice to me. So basically, I decided to combine the two. God led me to give up my blog for an entire week and save up the money I would’ve spent on it for the week and donate it to the new building of the church (my next paycheck).

A few days before this would start, I felt (and my friend called me out on) that not only did I need to give this blog up for the church, but also for me and for God. I needed to check my heart to see if this blog was about me or if it was about God. I have got to say very honestly that it is really hard to be a lifestyle blogger (blog all about yourself and your style) and make it solely about God. All of my pictures are of me. I only upload the ones I look good in. Would the pictures get to my head or heart and make me question my self image or self worth? Who is this blog all about? Making people like ME better or making them like HIM better? Doing my part and letting God do His or trying to make every aspect happen all myself?

This time was very hard but surprisingly I did not think twice about my blog. God had been preparing my heart for this week and I was able to fully trust Him with this week in being totally absent from all social media and my website. I wanted to control it, to put my hands on it so badly.

I began to question why I chose this path. God quickly reminded me of the passions He’s put inside of me and that He will give me creative ideas and that He will use me through the passions He’s given me to reach others, just like He already has. It will be in ways I could never imagine.

Throughout this fast, God told me to “Focus on Fayetteville.” To be more present in my present (in Fayetteville, at home, when I’m with friends, when I’m in class, when I lead life group, when I go to church, when I break at work) than I am present on social media. This is a huge risk because if I were super present on social media, I would increase my influence, my following and my impressions. God’s hand would increase it so much more — but not for me. His hand is more powerful on my blog than mine will ever be. The number of followers I gain and the number of likes I get on a picture will only tell me how well my blog is doing — not how well I am doing [as a person].

Moving forward, I’ve had to come up with some rules for myself to carry His will out this way. That I will not be on social media other than to post on my story, my feed once a day, and respond to DMs. Not continually check my likes. Not continually check my followers. Not continually refresh my feed. Not continually click through everyone’s stories for 30 pointless, draining minutes. I will gain my inspiration for my outfits by following blogs on my laptop, not social media, by looking at the newest arrivals at fast fashion stores, and by reading my magazines.

I’ve never felt more free in my life.

I’m not trading this for anything. No fame, no success, nothing that the world will give me. My life is to honor Jesus.

I am so happy of what God did this week and I am SO excited to share my outfits with y’all this week! They are going to be so good.

Oh, hey, P.S. my bff Chelsea started a fashion blog on Friday and you need to go follow her. Ok bye.

xx, Claire

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