Bold Sweaters Bright Days

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!! It’s truly a good Tuesday. My bestie Cassidy made me breakfast and coffee this morning and is going to drop me off at my afternoon class. HOW NICE.

It’s a windy day here in Fayetteville so I am BUNDLED UP. The wind here is really scary. I HATE it. I’m not even going to try to lie about that. I actually hate the wind. It ruins everything – my hair, my make up, my face, my mood. Lololol. 

I am SO loving this outfit here!! Recently, I decided to walk from campus to Chipotle on Dickson for lunch and on my way back stumbled into E. Leigh’s and could not hold back from buying all the cute things!!!


I tried on this cute sweater and I thought it looked really pretty with my dark hair! I do not normally buy bright colors but this sweater was so comfy and it was the perfect balance of red/orange that didn’t wash me out! I love the structure of it too. I knew I NEEDED it! They have it in white too and I think I might need to go buy it 😂

I also bought this baker boy cap / fisherman’s hat (whatever you want to call it) from E. Leigh’s as well! It’s really fun and can be styled so many ways!


I recently bought these lovely mules at Dillard’s for 65% off!! In the box, they didn’t look that great but I decided to try them on anyway and I loved the way they looked on! I think they are the perfect transitional shoe between seasons! Definitely gonna have these for a while — and I didn’t spend a fortune on them!

My watch is a Cluse watch and I wear it all the time! I LOVE Cluse watches!


These mom jeans from Asos are the best freaking ever! They’re on sale for $30.50. Go buy them!!

And my purse is from Elysian – I love the cow print!!


I hope you all continue to have a great week! It’s not too late for it to turn around.. Thank you for reading up today!

xx, Claire

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