Wild + Wonderful – Special Friday Post

HAPPY FRIDAY! It’s finally the weekend! I am sooo happy because I am going to see my sisters tonight in Little Rock!! I cannot contain this excitement!!!! I’ve missed them so much.

I’ve decided to do a special Friday post today basically because since I took that week off, I have two extra outfit posts before my spring content officially hits! So I’m doubling up this week and next week (so look for another post next Friday as well)


I love how fun this outfit is! This is certainly more of a warmer-toned outfit that looks almost like fall BUT I added the bright blue crop and pink purse to spring it up a little. I think cardigans transitioning into spring are going to be KEY here soon!

I got my top from Forever 21 and it says “Wild and Wonderful” (hence the title of this blog post). My bootcut jeans are from Elysian in Bentonville.


This LOVELY cardigan is from Elysian in Bentonville as well as the hat I am wearing! Gotta love the place you work! Staring at those clothes all day makes me convince myself I NEED them.


Let’s talk about these jewelry details. I got this necklace from Sarah Briggs and y’all probably already know how much I love it!

These earrings I bought from HipSway in Conway. I love fringe earrings! I would honestly suggest, though, not buying black ones because even though they will go with everything, they are really hard to see on, therefore people aren’t gonna notice the beauty! Get any color but black. Maybe it’s because my hair is dark though.

My watch, as always, is Cluse.


My heel booties are from Forever 21 and also come in white. My purse I bought from TJMaxx, the BEST! This purse is the perfect size.


Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

xx, Claire

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