OVERALL… I love pink

I couldn’t think of anything better than that title ^^

Happy happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you have had a good start to your week. I have THREE exams on Thursday and I’m in freak out mode but Jesus is my peace and He is keeping me close and supporting me this week!

The good news… is that there is a CALM after the storm. Like a real calm. Like I actually get to rest. I’m going to the BEAAACCH on Sunday with all my BEST girlfriends!!! I CANNOT imagine a better time in my life. It is going to be the best ever.

Normally when I take vacations, they are filled with business! This to do, that to see, there to go next. But the beach is the one vacation that is truly about rest. It’s all about unplugging. Staying in one place. Taking it slow. Soaking in the sun. Sitting with friends. Walking the seaside. GETTIN’ DARK.

Guys, I am just too excited. But can I be honest? The only thing that stresses me about the week is planning the pictures I am going to get.. like there will be so many great photo ops and I don’t want to miss one. Isn’t that sad? Maybe it’s not. That’s normal. Part of me wants to totally unplug. The other part wants to make sure I capture every moment. I don’t know if y’all deal with that but the thought of making sure that I capture aesthetic, fun photos is a little overwhelming to me?

I think I am just not going to worry about it, and what I get, I get. And if I don’t get it, I was there 🙂 that’s all that matters. This is easier said than done… Y’all pray that I truly take this week to rest and not worry about getting the right pictures but still being so present with my girlfriends and loving every moment!

OKAY. Let’s get to some clothes!


So not too long ago I took a stroll down Dickson during a lunch break and decided to stop in E. Leigh’s to shop a little (okay, a LOT) and I noticed this overall dress that I’d seen on their Instagram (Abbey Ichter from @my_a_list inspired me) and I definitely wanted it for myself. I picked it up and Brooke, the manager there, was quick to pull another top that would look so cute underneath. She was SO RIGHT. So creds to her for styling those two pieces!

They sold out of the dress 😦 booo! BUT I found one just like it on ASOS website, here!

I absolutely love this top though. It’s not just a basic striped top! It’s a bell sleeve with a ruffled hem! I paired it with another outfit that I am blogging about on Thursday! I’m not sure if they have any left in-store, but here is one on SALE from ASOS!


I got this cutsie purse from Elysian Boutique in Bentonville! It’s currently my favvvve purse and I’m about to buy another one from there today that’s going to replace it for the spring😂


I bought these shoes 65% off at Dillards recently! What a steal!! I thought they would be a perfect transitional shoe between winter and spring! I love pairing them with jeans too – skinny or boot cut!


I bought this baker boy cap (or fisherman’s hat – whatever you want to call it) also from E. Leigh’s while I was there spending all my money – haha. Here is one I am loving from ASOS! My earrings are from Francesca’s and I LOVE how beautiful they are. They have so many colors on them but remain so elegant. I love pairing them with any pink outfit!

My cool white sunnies are from Civion, and you can get your own, or any other jewelry piece for 25% off with my code CLAIRE25 at checkout!


That’s all for today, folks!

Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday and I’ll see you back here on Thursday for a very french look 😏

xx, Claire

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