BEACH 2018 (spring break vacay)

Hello hello everyone!! I am back in Fayetteville from spring break at the beach in Florida… to say I had the time of my life would be an understatement!

I’m beginning a protest that spring break should be a month long instead of just a week.

That was WAY too short. Did I even go to the beach?

There is no way I will be able to explain to you the great time I had on this trip but I do wanna tell ya what I did and try my best to explain how great it was!

I don’t know if you are this way but the anticipation of going on vacation is such an exciting part about it right?! Like leading up to spring break I was SO ready to go on spring break but I had something so great to look forward to so after all my tests, I could celebrate and treat myself and do something I LOVE to do!

You just CAN’T say the same when you return from break or vacation!

There is nothing to look forward to now than SUMMER (which I am super excited about and can’t wait to share with y’all about what I will be doing). But what IS exciting is that my junior year is officially coming to a close and I know that greater days are ahead as I look forward to my senior year! My last year in college. My last year being a kid.

The thought of entering the real work world is a little scary. I am more excited about it than scared, though because I will have more time and money to do more of what I love! I say “more” because I am sure I will take a job that I will love doing! (please Lord) That’s why I am already doing what I’m doing and why I’m studying what I’m studying.

The greatest thing about this vacation was: being with my friends + being able to do whatever the heck I wanted + wear whatever the heck I wanted.

I truly have the greatest friends in the world. We are all so different but we all love each other so deeply and love the Lord so deeply. Where one falls in weakness, the other rises in strength. When one laughs, so does the other. When one wants to do a certain activity, there’s another to join. When one wants to share a meal at the restaurant, there’s another ready to split! Haha these are such silly examples but I am truly my best self when I am around people. When I am around MY people.

When I’m with my people, the things that don’t matter, don’t matter. The things that are important, stay important. Life is easier! Life is lighter! There’s more to carry it. There’s more to believe in you.

Thank you God.

I’ve also discovered that I like sun more than clouds. I don’t like winter anymore haha. I have missed the sun SO FREAKIN’ MUCH! Just the warmth of the sun and the light of it makes me feel like I can do anything and it makes life way more enjoyable! I have discovered that I long to live in a place like a city on a coast. Plenty to do. So much to see. Fun to be had every day. Not a care in the world. No make up. Hair up. Losing track of time or not even looking at the time. Life is simple. But truth is life happens wherever you are. I’ll move to a city on the coast one day. One day.

((this discovery was way before the beach but proved more while on the beach))

Okay let’s get into some stories!

We arrived on Sunday and I shed tears looking at the beautiful coast. The ocean was bluer and clearer than I imagined. The sand was whiter and cleaner than I imagined. It was more than I’d dreamed of! Kristen’s mom cooked dinner for us and it was so nice to have a home cooked meal (that you didn’t cook for yourself).


The first day was rainy so we went shopping! I was glad to get that over with so I wouldn’t have to think about what else I might buy during the week haha. Surprisingly, I didn’t hardly buy anything.

Also the cutest thing happened Monday morning. We made breakfast at the beach house and each of us had a job: Lexi was on avocado duty, Kristen was on egg duty, I was on toast duty, Dani and Meg were on drink duty, and Cass was on fruit duty. We listened to the beach boys and cooked breakfast and had it on the table while looking out onto the coast. I couldn’t believe it was real.

Me and Dani definitely took a dip in the ocean Monday evening and it was so much fun jumping waves with her. We both decided to not get our make up / hair wet but we forgot that wasn’t our decision and the ocean laughed at us LOL.

While we were in the ocean, we saw a wild stingray in the wave right next to us, and we got out of that ocean faster than ever.

Then we went to AJ’s at night and I shared crab legs with Dani. Also props to everyone on the trip for not giving Lexi an allergy attack because she’s allergic to shellfish.

Tuesday, we ate breakfast down the road at Another Broken Egg Cafe and walked around the shops down there. I had delicious biscuit beignets and bananas foster pancakes.

We laid out on the beach a good while that day then went to Seaside to walk around. I have never been to Seaside but it was clear that a lot of young kids go there hahaha. I felt a little out of place but it was so beautiful.

I bought a fun magazine that’s a lot like a book from a bookstore there. It’s 3 x 3 Magazine. It’s literally just pictures of artwork. I love it because it’s really easy to read.

That night we went to some restaurant for dinner and they had dollar bills all over the walls that people had written on. I COULD NOT IMAGINE HOW MUCH MONEY THAT WAS LAYING AROUND. As a college student, I wanted to take one of those. Why couldn’t I? Would that even be stealing?? So we did the same and signed all our names. I got my CAJUN fix there and ate these unforgettable cajun enchiladas that have blessed my life forever. I want them back so bad.

Every day we got up to watch the sunrise. Well not everyone got up but I did haha. Except the day that I got sick. Which was Wednesday. Wednesday was a good day.

We made breakfast at the house and just chilled out for a while. We laid out on the deck because it was REALLY windy.

We went on a bike ride around the neighborhood which was very safe and fun. I hadn’t rode a bike in a while so it was great to get to do that again. We were in such a cute neighborhood.

AND THEN my friends Lexi and Megan decided to ride them on the shoreline. Cute. Fun. Awesome idea. Lexi said, “How many times do you get to ride your bike on the shore?” She was right. So we did it.

Did I mention that this day was windy? Okay, yeah. So going the first direction we went with the wind and it was so easy and fun. Got in some water some times. Wind in our hair, it was great.

On the way back was not that easy. It was against the wind and we were already a little tired. I started on my bike and finally got some momentum when we arrive on a rather slanted shoreline. Lexi and Meg passed through with flying colors but ya girl Claire did not survive. My bike started falling with the slant and I knew I was going in. I shouted that I was falling like the poor elderly on the Life Alert commercial and watched as my life flashed before my eyes. LOL I’m just kidding that’s exaggerating, I knew I was going to be fine. I was in sand. I do remember a thought running through my head, “I am so glad this didn’t happen on the road.” Not only did I fall in the ocean, though, my belongings in my basket went with the bike. My favorite sweater and my PHONE. FELL. IN. THE. OCEAN. I figured the ocean would suck it in but I saved it like a mom would for any baby. Somehow my phone is fine. Thank you Lord LOL. It was so funny.

Okay so then that night was out fancy dinner night which is ALWAYS my favorite!! I love getting fancy and doing date stuff like this. I wore my pretty jumper and fixed my hair and make up. We got to the place and it is so cute. Like, proposal cute. I start to feel chilly since it was cold in there haha and I forgot my jacket at home. I’ll spare the details but by the minute I got hangry, then nauseous, then I had to leave and stay at home sick that night. It was so sad! I was really hoping that it wouldn’t ruin the trip. I don’t know what I did wrong because I made sure to hydrate myself as I was outside but I think it’s because Fayetteville has seen ZERO sun and I stayed out in the sun all day, my body was like AHHH WHAT IS THIS. My mind and heart were in it, but my body wasn’t.

So Thursday morning we all slept in (till 8) and didn’t watch the sunrise. We started the day slow and took the day to just layout on the beach and on the deck.

For dinner we went somewhere in Grayton and had a mini photoshoot while waiting for a table. It was a fun night hahaha.

So quickly, Friday, our last day, came and we went back to Another Broken Egg Cafe for breakfast. I got this black bean egg benedict I think and it was pretty good. We also watched the sunrise that morning, on the beach. We had a little photoshoot outside the cafe where we had breakfast.

A few of us went back to Seaside and when we went into the marketplace, they had my all-time favorite chocolate!! Out of the only 2 Ritter Sport chocolates, they had my dark chocolate hazelnut! I had to get it. I first discovered that this was my favorite when I bought it in Germany.

We spent the rest of the day getting our last tan in and taking pictures on the beach. Dani definitely got the most color out of all of us but none of us got super burnt or sun poisoned and that’s a WIN! I’ll just have to work on my tan a little more than just a week haha. Gotta ease into that kinda stuff.

NOW — I am back in Fayetteville and definitely feeling post-beach blues! I always get at least a little sad after returning to reality after a vacation. I’m such a fantasist. Though the beach won’t last forever, the memories we made will. Though I’m not yet in my “ideal destination,” God is faithful. Though I have work to do this week, my strength lies in Him. Though it seems that my best week of this semester is behind me, my greatest days are ahead of me.

My hope is in Jesus!

I am so thankful He made something like the ocean for us to enjoy. I am tearful in thankfulness. How undeserving we are but how good He is.

THIS week, I am posting two fashion blogs: one on Tuesday and one on Thursday. On outfits I wore last week at the beach! Until then, I hope you all have a great start to your week 🙂

xx, Claire

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