LBR – Little Black Romper

Hello hello people!!! Happy Thursday. Can you believe it’s already Thursday?! I can’t. But I’m glad! I am ready to see my family this weekend!! I sure hope the Easter Bunny comes to see me🐰

My good friend Jesse introduced me to a couple of songs the other day that have been my anthem this week and I wanna share some of the lines…

“Now I can see Your love is better than all the others that I’ve seen.”

– Lean Back by Capital City Music 

“What once was full of sorrow, Your love turned into good. What once left me in pieces, Your strength restored in full. My trust is in Your Word, Lord. You have the final say! My hope is in Your Promise – that there’s an empty grave!”

– Sanctuary by SEU Worship

I am normally one to listen to mostly Hillsong and not branch out a whole lot so I was really blessed by these songs! Thankful for a friend like Jesse!


Last week, I had the best week of my life at the beach and this was one of the outfits I wore! I LOOOOOOVE this romper and I want everyone to know it! It’s such a cutsie little thing for a person like me!! I bought it from Forever 21.


I loved pairing it with these bright colored sandals – it gave color to the look! They are so fun and I love this trend! They are also from Forever 21.. and only $28!



I bought my sunnies and purse from Elysian Boutique! They were the perfect addition to my beach packing list!!

My earrings and necklace are from Forever 21 and they are some of my favorite pieces to add to a cute outfit lately! Everyone needs a pair of hoop earrings right now! I started to notice the coin necklace with deep neck outfits lately and I needed to jump on that because that fits my style!

You could also style this outfit with a baker boy cap, like I’m wearing in the pictures below! I bought mine from E. Leigh’s Boutique.


Would you believe I got this coffee for free? Dunkin Donuts had a promotion for students the other day and I got a free iced coffee (my favorite accessory) and a free donut! WHAT!

My bulky jean jacket is from Cheap Thrills in Fayetteville! My friend Lexi found it and didn’t want it, so I bought it! She did my shopping there so I can’t say I found it myself I’m not a very good thrifter. 😂


You can easily shop my looks by following me on the app! I always link the products on my blog posts, but if you are already using the app, you should follow me!

Have the best Thursday. Smile at someone today.

xx, Claire

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