The Ultimate Beach Pants

It’s Good Friday everyone!! I hope it’s good for you.

I am headed HOME today — Louisiana. I cannot wait to see my family! There’s only a certain type of breath you can take when you’re with your family.. and that’s the deepest. I miss the warmth of Louisiana! That’s something I thought I would never say. Turns out I’m a girl who loves the sun.

Last week I went to the beach for spring break and I had the best time ever! I wore these pants while I was there!


I was so shocked with how well they fit me when they came in the mail! They sit perfectly on my waist and they don’t drag the ground. And they are super comfy. Isn’t it the best when you can just put on a cute pair of pants and still be comfy like you’re in your PJ’s??

However, there is bad news about these pants. When I washed them, they SHRUNK. They shriveled up like a tomato and they just haven’t had the same flow since. Even when I steam it. I’m a little disappointed in that because that doesn’t normally happen to me. I didn’t dry them – this happened in the wash! I’m totally still gonna make them work though for the rest of their short life in my closet.


While at the beach, I paired these pants with a white strappy tank but here I loved keeping the comfy flowy look with a plain black tee! I bought mine from Elysian.


^^ lol

I wish I could say “When ________ happens during your shoot” but I actually don’t remember what happened here.




My purse is from Elysian, along with my sunnies!

My geo drop earrings are from Forever 21. They are so fun!


You could style this outfit two different ways! I styled mine with my heels from Boohoo and these sandals from Bayou Gypsy Boutique!


Thank y’all for reading along today! I hope you have the BEST Easter weekend this weekend, whether you‘re with friends or family!

xx, Claire

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