Gingham’s Last Round

Happy Thursday to you all!Ā šŸ’•

It’s almost Friday – you’re almost there! I hope you’ve had a good week so far. My week’s been pretty good! Staying on top of things and getting stuff done before a packed weekend. Today I am doing another photoshoot with a local boutique that I love very much and I cannot WAIT to show y’all what I have styled from there!

You might already be wondering why I titled this post what I did..

I always try to come up with clever titles and sometime’s that’s the only hard part haha. But when I began to think about this outfit and what I’m wearing, I began to think that this is probably the last season I will rock a gingham print. Gingham is very much on trend this season (go buy some!) … but I think it’s on it’s last leg for a little while! I don’t think we will be carrying this print into S/S 2019. That’s just my opinion! I am no trend forecaster but I try to!


I wore nearly this exact outfit while I was at the beach on spring break and it was so fun to wear walking around the little coastal town! I brunched in it and walked into many stores. You might have seen me wear it on my Instagram!

I recently bought this top from Forever 21 online and honestly had no idea how small it was hahaha. I like that it had bow ties at the shoulders but you definitely need another person to help you get dressed with that.

Unfortunately they sold out online but I am linking my favorite B&W gingham prints from Forever 21 over on the app attached to this photo!


I bought this fun denim skirt from Elysian in Bentonville! I think you have to call to order it!

I also bought my purse from Elysian. I love how beachy it is!

My heels are Gianni Bini and I bought them 65% off at Dillards! They are my FAVORITE heels right now. They’re so comfy, classy, and sassy!


Lastly, my earrings are from Forever 21 and my sunnies are from Elysian!


That’s all folks!

Thank you for reading today – I will be back here tomorrow for a very funnnnn outfit. You don’t wanna miss it!

xx, Claire

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