These Pants are Poppin

You guyyyysss!!! I am so excited to share this outfit with you all. Seriously, it is such a fun outfit and it’s all from ONE place!

Everything I’m wearing in these photos is from E. Leigh’s Boutique! They are located in Fayetteville, Conway, Little Rock, Lexington, Dallas, and Southlake! So there’s probably one near you. Check out their Instagram to see all the goodies they’ve got this spring.


When I first saw these pants, they attracted my eye but I just wasn’t immediately sure of how I would style it. Like what top I would wear or would it even fit me right! Well luckily it fit me like a glove.


oh just reading a magazine 😂

Hahaha the silver lining is that they had this LOVELY top with a BOW on it that is so girlie and fun and perfectly compliments these pants! 🎀


My accessory details up close! I am loving the coin necklace trend – especially when it goes with a v-neck top!


I had so much fun taking these photos and I will always be a fan of the red and black look! These pants were so easy to wear because they’re highwaisted and form-fitting! They’ve definitely got like a retro vibe but I loved pairing the retro pants with a flirty top. Makes it so fun!

Thank y’all for reading today! I will have more E. Leigh’s outfits coming this week and next so be looking for those!

xx, Claire

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