Spring Casual

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are having a great day and you’re week’s been great so far! Mine has been pretty darn good. Yesterday I ran a mile straight for the first time in a while so I am really proud of myself for that and I am sore and it feels so good. Also three classes were cancelled this week so it’s basically the best week of my life.

I am really excited to share this outfit with you all today! It is really simple but so realistic for all of us in the summer when we just want to be comfy!!


If you read my Adidas post last week, you know the story about how I got these tennies! ASOS was having 20% off their streetwear, but somehow these tennies were nearly 50% off! They’re super comfy and incredibly lightweight.


This super soft, comfy, easy top is from Bayou Gypsy, an online boutique based out of Monroe, Louisiana! I used to work here two summers ago and she’s always got cute stuff available online! I love how it’s not just a basic tee, it’s got pretty detail to it! It also comes in grey and white and is only $30.90 so you should grab one and you’ll wear it all summer long!


These geo drop earrings are from Forever 21 and I bought these sunnies from Elysian Boutique!


My shorts are also from Elysian Boutique and I love them so much! I am going to wear them with everything this summer. They’re high waisted and so comfy. My purse is also from Elysian!


HAPPY DAY to you all!!!! It’s a sunny day here and I’m about to go lay outside with my best roomie. Love y’all – thank you for reading today!

xx, Claire

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